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The NEC's stand at Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017, the largest event for the mobile industry, welcomed visitors from the global telecom industry, and other industries.

The telecom solution exhibits showcased our Enterprise IT Services that contribute to the business expansion of telecom carriers, and Enablement of New Digital Services.

Capturing New Business Opportunities: Enterprise IT Services

Demonstration of enterprise vCPE with Network-as-a-Service

Enterprises are trying to accelerate the launch of new businesses by leveraging mobile, cloud, AI, IoT, security and other such technologies that will bring about digital transformation. As a result, enterprises are now using networks in increasingly sophisticated and diverse ways. With the demand for building SDN/NFV-based communication networks that can respond to advanced and complex needs on demand, SDN/NFV-based Enterprise IT Services have become a promising field for telecom carriers to grow new sources of revenue.
The SDN/NFV exhibit showcased NEC/Netcracker's Network-as-a-Service, NFV C-RAN and Transport SDN. In a world where it is essential to launch services rapidly in the market, Network-as-a-Service dramatically increases the agility of telecom carriers. It also allows telecom carriers to easily and rapidly add functions that are essential to the launch of new enterprise services. At the Network-as-a-Service corner, we conducted a demonstration of enterprise and residential vCPE that telecom carriers can provide. We showed that the application of Network-as-a-Service would enable telecom carriers to provide not only connectivity, but also various functions for enterprises easily as well.

Meeting New Customers: Enablement of New Digital Services

Beamforming antenna realizes massive MIMO, a 5G element technology

Networks for IoT-based digital services have extremely diverse requirements, which include those that require high-speed and large capacity data transfer, low latency and items that result in several network connections. With the rise of IoT services, telecom carriers are expected to play the new role of digital providers. This is a new business model, where instead of a uniform network, telecom carriers provide a “tailored” network according to the diverse needs of their customers who are seeking digital services. This new business model also promises optimal network performance of each of these tailed networks. 5G is the key for telecom carriers to be digital service providers. The 5G corner at NEC's stand exhibited the latest beamforming antenna and showcased elements of 5G technologies, with the aim of providing 5G to create new customers and the possibility of a new business model.

A Partner with IT and Network Technology: NEC

NEC the WISE: NEC's AI portfolio

In addition to SDN/NFV and 5G, NEC's booth showcased iPASOLINK EX Advanced, a new microwave wireless communications device that can perform large capacity transmission at 10 Gbps, Smart RAN that provides excellent indoor network coverage, Traffic Management Solution (TMS), and cutting-edge research conducted by NEC Europe's research laboratories.
We also showcased technologies and solutions based on NEC the WISE, our portfolio of state-of-the-art AI technologies. NEC has extensive experience, spanning over half a century, of developing AI technologies, and is actively pursuing research in applying AI to telecom solutions.
As one of the few companies that excels in integrating network and IT technologies, NEC will drive digital transformation and business expansion of telecom carriers.

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