NEC, the Expert 5G Partner

NEC has the tools, the trade, and the technology to make 5G a profitable success for telecom carriers, and a crucial driver of digital transformation for business customers. MWC2018 illustrated how NEC channels rich telecom experience and advanced IT expertise into the co-creation of 5G services together with telecom carriers and industry partners. The stand also showcased the rapid development of 5G New Radio (NR) for commercial use, along with cutting-edge NEC artificial intelligence (AI) and biometrics technologies, two vital elements for a 5G era.

5G. A Future Beyond Imagination

Imagine being able to instantly collect and analyse any type of security information in a sports stadium and automatically convey instructions to the right person. Imagine being able to have a remote medical examination at home, watch mobile 4K video anytime, anywhere, or remotely operate construction machinery on tough sites. We are on the verge of a 5G world that can realize high-speed, high-capacity, low-latency and massive connections, free from the constrictions of physical networks.
People in different industries expect the combination of 5G and advanced IT technology to create unique new intelligent services. New 5G-based business, carved from co-creation between telecom carriers, individual industry players and IT companies, could generate new, profitable revenue streams for telecom carriers.
NEC is committed to using its rich telecom experience and world-leading expertise in advanced AI and biometric technologies to firmly support the creation of new 5G operations and businesses. NEC’s MWC2018 booth highlighted solid 5G NR developments, as well as NEC’s superior AI and biometrics technologies, both essential to new business creation in a 5G era.

Photo: overall impression of the booth

5G, Making Our Cities Safer

We are likely to see more 5G environments evolving that use superior AI analysis and highly reliable biometric certification and appear to connect myriads of devices through thin air. Urban security is one area that will undergo great change.
Security personnel will use wearable biometric devices to conduct continuous individual authentication and create stronger security systems. In a 5G world, it will be possible to send personalized directions and information, automatically and instantly, to each individual security guard using AI and wearable devices, and 5G will be vital for transmitting the vast amounts of high-definition video and other information used in AI analysis. AI will use surveillance camera video for real-time analysis of congestion and people movement in stadiums and other large venues, and suggest appropriate security manouvers. AI can also alert security when individuals appear multiple times in the same spot on surveillance video footage and swiftly formulate an appropriate crime-prevention response.
NEC presented various situations where the use of 5G, AI and biometrics could help create safer cities and greater peace of mind.

Photo: visitors watching the on-stage video

5G, Ideas in Action

Several proofs of concept using 5G to encourage digital transformation of vertical industries are currently underway as part of an ongoing initiative by Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication. NEC is involved in 5G PoC with telecom operators and partner companies. NEC intends to conduct large-scale trials using 5G NR standard specification and promote 5G NR development for commercial use. The MWC2018 booth featured videos introducing some 5G PoC.

NEC Exhibition Stand Highlights

5G NR (New Radio) Photo: C-RAN presentation at 5G display Introducing a proof of concept designed to ensure stable 5G communications environments. By placing massive MIMO in C-RAN formation, we were able to create virtual cells, reduce inter-cell interference, guarantee device mobility, and centralize frequency resource management.
Artificial Intelligence Photo: Exterior of AI display NEC offers a comprehensive AI-integrated package to facilitate fast, flexible responses to multiple scenarios, including applications that utilize the NEC the WISE suite of advanced AI technologies, supporting platforms, and appropriate human resources. MWC2018 featured the Advanced Analytics Cloud AI platform and Video Analytics platform.
FIDO Certified
Client-Side Biometric
Photo: FIDO display demonstration An authentication platform for telecom operators incorporating NEC’s own Fast Identity Online (FIDO) biometric authentication for easy development of mobile services that utilize biometric authentication over IDs and passwords for greater security and convenience. Authentication is conducted on the device, without transmitting biometric data externally, to reduce the risk of leakage.
Physical Security Photo: Display exterior NEC’s core facial recognition technology proved the world’s most accurate in NIST FIVE 2017 testing. On display on the stand were facial recognition technology for preventing identity fraud using photographs and video, and appliances that integrated all the necessary components for accurate authentication.

NEC at MWC2018

Photo: Mobile Backhaul display
Mobile Backhaul
Photo: Digital Network Transformation display
Digital Network Transformation
Photo: BSS, OSS and SDN/NFV Solutions display
BSS, OSS and SDN/NFV Solutions
Photo:  Hybrid Storage Solution display (demonstration)
Hybrid Storage Solution
Photo: Edge Computing display (demonstration)
Edge Computing
Photo: Smart City Platform (CCOC) display
Smart City Platform (CCOC)
Photo: Exhibition center scene
Facial Recognition Technology
Photo: Exhibition center scene
Exhibits Area
Photo: Exhibition center scene
Main Stage

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