• 5G NR (New Radio)

    NEC will present its vision of future mobile networks in the 5G era. 5G will unleash unprecedented new value in our daily lives. For example, utilizing AI technology to create intelligent networks which support advanced services that cannot be realized today. Or, new network connectivity using wearable devices that may create a new lifestyle. In addition to our 5G vision, NEC's current 5G activities, including R&D and 5G verification tests organized by the Japanese Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication, will be introduced. Verification tests with our partners and two solution tests are also underway.

  • FIDO Certified Client-Side Biometric Authentication

    The NC7000-3A-FS is a FIDO UAF1.0 certified client-side biometric authentication platform that offers simplicity and improvement in customer satisfaction, along with other advantages such as;

    • Better security: Client SDKs are fortified with proprietary security features to protect from malware and hacking
    • World-class accuracy: Global no.1 face authentication technology is used
    • High flexibility and interoperability: In an interoperability test conducted by the FIDO alliance, NEC was rated "Excellent." Also, all components are developed in-house, hence offering high flexibility

    Cost effectiveness: Up to 85% of the cost (TCO) can be saved compared to alternatives or competitors' solutions
    NEC makes the authentication process SIMPLE, SECURE and SWIFT.

  • Walk-Through Face Recognition

    A fully integrated product for access control and security, the “Walk through facial recognition system” has the following features;

    • NEC's world's No.1 facial recognition technology with optimized H/W.
    • Provided in one packaged product and easy to deploy.
    • High speed facial identification and biometric facial matching.
    • Enabled by high speed matching video images via embedded camera with registered face images.
    • A security solution optimal for physical access control or environments that utilize facial identification.
  • Anti-spoofing Technology

    NEC anti-spoofing technology is the answer to challenges in providing high level identification with face recognition. Deep learning and AI detection easily determine whether or not a subject is a real face, and because it requires no special devices, the technology can be implemented using general cameras.

    • No special sensor is required
    • Software based solution
    • High accuracy

    This technology will be offered with NEC facial authentication technology, which has a successful track record of development spanning more than 40 years. NEC Biometric authentication technology has been deployed with 700 systems throughout 70 countries worldwide.

  • Artificial Intelligence

    NEC the WISE is NEC's portfolio of AI technologies. It consists of more than 25 unique, world-leading technologies, including Deep Learning, and each one is either unique or No.1 in the world. With over half a century of R&D in AI, NEC provides advanced AI solutions across diverse industries.

    NEC AI platforms enable customers to leverage the benefits of AI quickly and easily, and enable a smooth digital transformation best suited to customers' business processes.

  • Mobile Backhaul

    To satisfy the high demand for capacity in the coming 5G era, NEC will continue to pursue the utilization of higher frequency bands, such as the millimeter wave. iPASOLINK EX Advanced, one of the latest toolkits in NEC's PASOLINK series portfolio, provides industry-leading 20Gbps single link capacity features, and research is being conducted on the use of D-band frequency to deliver more than 20Gbps.

    The interworking of SDN and AI introduces new mechanisms for dealing with network issues and enhances adaptive behavior for 5G, ultimately enabling automation, true zero-touch operation and the reallocation of human resources.

  • Digital Network Transformation

    The NEC Digital Network Transformation Suite maximizes the ROI of your 3G/4G/5G network assets by optimizing your infrastructure and addressing each of your network traffic profiles specifically for the best performance.

    • Customer value proposition: In support of new Telecom Operator revenue streams, NEC leverages AI-based Carrier Network Optimization, SDN/NFV enabled infrastructure, and introduces IoT/NaaS services optimized for operator business assets.
    • Benefits: The NEC Digital Network Transformation Suite dynamically interacts with networks in real-time to enable services and applications to take advantage of most favorable network configurations, while also helping to significantly reduce OPEX/CAPEX by maximizing the use of network resources. Moreover, the introduction of IoT/NaaS services creates new revenue streams beyond connectivity by leveraging service-aware network infrastructure.
  • BSS, OSS and SDN/NFV Solutions

    NEC/Netcracker's award-winning offerings enable businesses of all sizes to transform and keep pace with the rapidly evolving digital economy.

    BSS: Digital business and customer enablement platforms, including customer, partner, revenue, product and sales management, to enable customer-centric processes that deliver highly personalized journeys and experiences.

    OSS: Hybrid service, resource and infrastructure management solutions designed to optimize and orchestrate service configuration, activation and management across environments comprised of physical and virtual components.

    SDN/NFV: Comprehensive solutions designed to combat the key challenges of multivendor services while commercializing new services and accelerating revenue growth through optimized cloud networks.

  • Hybrid Storage Solution

    The HSS® (Hybrid Storage Solutions) developed by NEC XON serve to optimise generators by reducing running times, ensuring operation in each specified power band and therefore reducing fuel consumption and glazing (which are side effects from using lead acid battery based storage systems).

    NEC XON HSS® (Hybrid Storage Solution) is a flexible, configurable and fully integrated turnkey solution with modular and scalable design that can be rapidly deployed to enable telecommunications operators and tower companies to reduce costs and increase plant efficiency.

    GSS® and DSS® units are supplied as complete drop down units for connection to the grid. Further integration with Solar farms, Grid Tie Inverters and Generators are provided by NEC XON in Africa.

  • Edge Computing

    NEC Edge Computing Platform offers on-demand edge processing based on a data-driven and standard-based approach. This platform has the following key benefits:

    • Faster IoT service deployment and better quality of service
    • Higher system efficiency and scalability
    • Lower development and operation cost

    These benefits help IoT service providers and platform operators achieve an open ecosystem with lower management complexity for data-driven business.

  • Smart City Platform (CCOC)

    NEC's Cloud City Operations Center (CCOC) is a truly integrated solution, designed to meet Smart City requirements in a flexible, efficient and economical way.

    CCOC acts as the brain of the city, first receiving and monitoring the information received from the vertical services and their operating sensors, cameras and devices, and afterwards carrying out cross analyses of the data from vertical services, thus-providing a holistic approach and providing added value by deploying prediction and simulation tools, among other features.

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