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Multi-cloud Service-Based Platform for the Enterprise Market

Netcracker supports Bechtle in expanding cloud services and empowering customers across Europe

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In 2017, Bechtle AG, one of Europe's leading IT, infrastructure, hosting and business-to-business value-added system integrators and service providers, sought to launch a new cloud-based portal and digital marketplace. The new portal would host Bechtle's many comprehensive, vendor-neutral IT applications, infrastructure and operations services for more than 70,000 customers across the industrial, trade, financial and public sectors in Europe. Bechtle selected Netcracker, a wholly-owned subsidiary of NEC, to be its partner in this important new endeavor based on Netcracker's expertise and established track record in helping companies transform their businesses and develop new revenue opportunities.

Bechtle is leveraging Netcracker's comprehensive business support system (BSS) and digital marketplace solution for the newly launched new The use of Netcracker's solutions allows Bechtle to generate new revenue streams by enabling the selling and billing of new cloud services with a flexible pricing model, either consumption-based or subscription-based. In particular, Bechtle's use of Netcracker's Cloud Billing and Digital Marketplace solutions is supporting the launch of new network-as-a-service offerings, Bechtle's backup-as-a-service and recovery-as-a-service offerings, as well as third-party cloud services.

Furthermore, the new platform greatly empowers Bechtle's customers. The expanded application and hosting portfolio of cloud services and infrastructure provides small, medium and large enterprises across Europe with a greater diversity of products, services, options and delivery methods to choose from. It also enables them to orchestrate various cloud services with drastically simplified agreement, deployment and support processes. All services are invoiced transparently based on agreement duration or actual usage. Users are thus able to access their enterprise applications whenever they need them, as soon as they need them, without the burden and hassle of dealing with various expensive IT overhead costs.

"Our investment in a new, next-generation cloud platform gives our customers added flexibility when procuring software and IT infrastructure services," said Michael Guschlbauer, Member of the Executive Board responsible for IT System House & Managed Services at Bechtle. "Whether they're looking for a public or on-premises private cloud solution, on-demand services or expert support to realize their complex IT projects, Bechtle is their reliable partner when it comes to modern IT architectures and hybrid clouds."

"Both large and small businesses want access to their enterprise applications quickly and on demand without burdening themselves with expensive IT overhead of licenses, operational and personnel costs," said Sanjay Mewada, Chief Strategy Officer at Netcracker. "Netcracker's cloud-based BSS platform offers innovators like Bechtle to bring the power of software as a service, platform as a service and infrastructure as a service to their business customers as they move towards digitalization across the entire enterprise value chain. We are excited to be working with Bechtle as it grows its European footprint through its digital transformation."

By providing Bechtle with the platform and BSS solutions for its new portal and facilitating the expansion and smoother delivery of its cloud services, Netcracker is not only supporting the digital transformation of Bechtle, but also the digital transformation of Bechtle's many business customers.

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(OCT 31, 2018)