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Business Innovation driven by IoT

Business Environment in the IoT Era

The dawn of the era of Digital economy is approaching.

Cyber world was born with the invention of the internet. Now we are moving into the IoT era, where things in the real world and information in the cyber world are connected and forming a connected economy.

In the near future, people and human wisdom will be incorporated into the system and the Digital economy will become reality.

NEC provides solutions with new business models and cutting-edge technologies which can justify social and customer's investments in the ever-changing business environment.

Value Creation Process with IoT systems

Things in the real world is visualized in the cyber world and analyzed, then prescription to the real world is given. These suites of technologies are called data science, more commonly known as AI and serve as a value generator.
ICT is a platform to supports AI technologies and serves as a value enhancer.
Business and social resources are connected. The real world and the cyber world are connected. Then social values are brought to the real world by the IoT systems.

NEC Flexible Business Infrastructure for Digital Transformation

Businesses and society needs to be flexible to be responsive to the ever-changing business environment.
NEC Flexible Business Infrastructure consists of consulting services and co-creation programs to meet any business needs, and of NEC's IoT platform 'NEC the WISE IoT Platform' based on NEC's cutting-edge AI technologies 'NEC the WISE' to meet technical needs.

IoT System Requirements

NEC understands that IoT systems should "respond to rapidly expanding data", "secure real time and remote operation", "constantly generate new values" and "guarantee its accuracy as a system."
NEC believes that five layer IoT architecture can cover almost all of customer needs.

NEC the WISE IoT Platform

NEC's IoT platform enables the rapid transition from the launch of a customer's IoT validation process to their real business.

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