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Hotel IT in a Box

A Fully Equipped Hotel System Platform on a Single Box

Hotel IT in a Box is the culmination of NEC’s vast experience and knowhow in the hotel industry and gives hoteliers access to all our proven hospitality applications in a single box.

Fast Installation and Roll Out

When building a new hotel system platform, hotels must consider many issues, such as what to use for the PABX and PMS, and how to connect the two. After the PMS and PABX are procured, they must also be connected and the master data must be configured.

Hotel IT in a Box is a one-box solution in which the connection between the PMS and PABX is already complete and the PMS master data has been preset.
This allows the hotel system platform to be installed and rolled out very quickly.

Simple Configuration Cuts Maintenance Costs & Workloads

If PMS and PABX are implemented separately, they must each be maintained separately. This not only increases costs and workloads, but it also means it takes much longer to isolate faults.

Hotel IT in a Box uses a unified platform and has a simple configuration, so if a problem occurs, the cause can be identified quickly.
NEC also provides a one-stop service desk where hoteliers can concentrate their inquiries.

An Evolving Concept: Smart Hotel Operation on a Single Box (Rack)

Hotel IT in a Box is evolving.
NEC plans to add other hotel solutions enabling digital signage, face recognition, and mobility to the standard PMS and PABX currently provided in the box.
"Smart hotel operation on a single box."
This is the future direction of NEC’s Hotel IT in a Box.

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