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NEC expands TWINPOS G5000 series with release of TWINPOS G5100Li for international markets

Tokyo, December 18, 2017NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced the availability of three new TWINPOS G5100Li point of sale (POS) models in the TWINPOS G5000 series for North America, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Powered by high-performance Intel® processors, the processing speed is nearly twice that of previous models, resulting in faster checkout and transactions. All models offer a compact design that is approximately 20 percent smaller as compared to the previous model, enabling more efficient use of available space.

Moreover, the new models feature front panels with dust and splash-resistant flat surfaces and projected capacitive touchscreens that support multi-touch operations. Intel® Active Management Technology (AMT) is available for the Intel® Core™ i5 processor models, enabling remote investigation and recovery for cases that include OS failure, application freeze, or absence of power supply.

The TWINPOS G5000 series has been deployed at a wide variety of retail outlets, as NEC continues to strengthen its POS terminal product portfolio globally. The new model is being deployed at approximately 8,600
7-Eleven® stores in the U.S.

As a part of NEC's expansion of its retail IT business, NEC has added global POS models to meet the needs of diverse store formats.

NEC's Solutions for Society promote improvements in service quality and business efficiency for retail customers globally, by offering POS terminals that feature superior technologies, reliability and durability.

Key Features of the TWINPOS G5100Li Models

  1. High-performance Processor with Windows OS
    The sixth generation Intel® Core processors enable performance almost twice that of predecessor models, contributing to accelerated checkout transactions. Moreover, long-term support is available with an embedded OS, Windows® 10 IoT Enterprise 2016 LTSB.
  2. Compact Design
    The projected size has been reduced by 20 percent as compared to the predecessor model. This enables an optimized store layout and installation in limited space.
  3. Improved Response and Operability
    Capacitive multi-touch panels improve the response and operability of the TWINPOS G5100Li for smoother transactions.
  4. Dust and Splash-resistant Display
    The front panel of the operator display is flat without any gaps, making it dust and splash-resistant equivalent to IP64 standards. This reduces failures caused by ingress of dust and splash.
  5. Remote Investigation and Recovery
    Intel® AMT allows remote investigation and recovery from failures for cases that include OS failure, application freeze, or absence of power supply.

TWINPOS G5100Li Models and Shipment Schedule

Model Type Shipment Date
Intel® Core™ i5
  • With 10.1-inch customer display
January, 2018
Intel® Core™ i3
Intel® Celeron® J1900
  • With built-in VFD
  • With 10.1-inch customer display
  • Pole mountable operator display and 10.1 and 15-inch customer displays are available

Installation Styles

Desktop installation with 10.1-inch customer display

Desktop installation with built-in VFD

Pole mount installation with 15-inch customer display

For more detail on the TWINPOS G5000 series, please visit


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