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NEC highlights Environment, Society and Governance activities for the 2017 fiscal year

Tokyo, Japan, September 8, 2017 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the release of its Annual Environmental Report 2017 and its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report 2017, reflecting the activities and the achievements supporting the Environment, Society and Governance (ESG) from April 1, 2016 to March 31, 2017 (hereafter FY2017).

The Annual Environmental Report shares common purpose with global environmental movements such as the Paris Agreement and Sustainable Development Goals (*1), and highlights NEC's Long-Term Environmental Plan (NEC Group Environmental Management Action Plan 2020/2030) announced in July 2016 (*2), as well as the progress towards environmental management goals announced in July 2014 (*3) as part of addressing climate change.

The CSR Report provides an outline of activities and goals in pursuit of sustainable management, focusing on society and governance. As society's expectations towards global enterprises such as NEC increase, NEC has begun to prioritize sustainable development in cooperation with experts in the field, including activities that address human rights and supply chain management. Please see below for further detail on these initiatives.

Environmental Activities

  1. Progress for the NEC Group Environmental Management Action Plan 2020/2030
    NEC is focusing on the following three areas in order to address environmental issues and implement climate change countermeasures.

    • 1) Contributing to mitigation of climate change:
      • Reduction in CO₂ emissions through the provision of IT solutions
        • Cumulative reduction of 14 million tons in FY2017
          (Target: 23 million tons in 2020)
      • Improvement in product energy efficiency (compared with products in FY2014)
        • Improvement rate of 30% in FY2017
          (Target: 30% improvement in 2020)
    • 2) Reducing the impact of climate change:
      NEC promoted solutions to reduce the impact of climate change in FY2017, including the creation of three Eco-Symbol Star solutions.
    • 3) Reduction of emissions from business activities:
      • Improve CO₂ emissions through higher product energy efficiency and switching to renewable energy sources.
        • 9.5% improvement in FY2017 compared with in FY2013
          (Target: 18% improvement in 2020 compared with FY2013)
      • Switch to renewable energy.
        • 6.9-fold increase in FY2017 compared with FY2012
          (Target: 10-fold increase in 2020 compared with FY2012)
  2. Progress on achieving climate change objectives for FY2021's goals (*3)
    In FY2017, NEC contributed to reducing CO₂ emissions by attaining a level of CO₂ reduction that is 2.4 times (*4) the total volume of CO₂ emissions from our entire supply chain in FY2017 by providing Solutions for Society. (Target in FY2021: 5 times.)

Activities for society and governance

NEC prioritizes the sustainable development of both society and the NEC Group under the theme of "materiality." As part of this, NEC has been improving performance outside of the financial field and ensuring the soundness of management. Within this transforming business environment, and corresponding to the expectations of society, NEC started to review materiality in FY2017 and to reconfirm its contributions.

NEC's CSR Report features dialogue between experts, NEC executives and employees on sustainable management, society and investment in order to capitalize on this knowledge and improve sustainable management.

The NEC Group globally provides "Solutions for Society" that promote safety, security, efficiency and equality, helping to create a society where people live more fulfilling lives through the fusion of advanced ICT and knowledge.


  • (*1)Sustainable Development Goals consist of 17 goals on issues such as poverty, hunger, energy, climate change and peace. Efforts to attain these goals started in 2015 through 2030 after they were adopted by 193 member states at the United Nations Summit held in September 2015.
  • (*2)NEC's Long-Term Environmental Plan (NEC Group Environmental Management Action Plan 2020/2030)
  • (*3)NEC Announces New Environmental Management target reflecting climate change reduction measures through the Social Solutions business. (Press release on 8 July 2014)
  • (*4)Please refer to the following calculation formula.
    Calculation: ((2)14 million tons + (3)4.53 million tons) ÷ (1)7.76million tons
    • (1)Impact of the environment for the total supply chain (Scope 1, 2, 3): 7.76 million tons.
    • (2)Contributing to mitigation of climate change: 14 million-tons.
    • (3)Contribution to reducing climate change (*): 4.53 million tons
    • *The result is not the real volume of the reduced CO₂ but the value of CO₂ after adaptation.

NEC Environmental Annual Report:


NEC CSR Report:


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