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NEC Launches New PLM Software Product Obbligato III R3.1 - Supports process-management for development of embedded software and complies with US regulations for medical equipment -

*** For immediate use May 26, 2015

Tokyo, May 26, 2015 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced the global launch of Obbligato III R3.1, the latest version of its Obbligato III Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, which consolidates the management of product technology data such as design drawings, specifications and bills of material (BOM).

Obbligato III R3.1 classifies the development processes of embedded software into the stages of requirement specifications, unit design & implementation, unit & integration testing and requirement verification. Moreover, Obbligato III R3.1 manages requirement documents, specifications for functions & testing, as well as related documents and system configuration elements for each stage. It also uses "tickets" to manage tasks in the development process, such as development, engineering changes and countermeasures, and supports streamlining and quality improvement in the development process by visualization of the information concerning who has done what and when. Moreover, it links with the "subversion" software configuration management tool and enables the tracking of programs by using tickets.

In this way, Obbligato III R3.1 achieves integrated management of hardware and software development processes for industries such as the automotive and electronics fields, where the importance and volume of software development is rising.

In addition, Obbligato III R3.1 also offers security features that correspond to the 21 CFR Part11 electronic records and electronic signature regulations for the medical equipment industry established by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The main security features of Obbligato III R3.1 are as follows:

  1. Authentication by requesting a password when signing digitally.

  2. An activity logging feature that keeps an access log when data is generated or updated, enabling it to create an audit trail, as well as another security feature that prevents tampering with the access log.

  3. Functionality that temporarily blocks a user's ID after a certain number of login failures and sends a warning E-mail to the system administrator.
Additionally, Obbligato III R3.1 enables actions such as searching and viewing files managed by Obbligato, as well as calling, chatting, or e-mail messaging to a file's creator from the screen of Microsoft Corporation's collaboration software, "Microsoft SharePoint." This promotes corporate in-house collaborations and improves work efficiency.

Furthermore, it also enables the control of activities such as printing of confidential data, including design drawings and copies to external media etc. Obbligato III R3.1 also adds offline login functionality that enables referencing of confidential data saved in the user's PC, even at times when it is not possible to log into the Obbligato server, during business trips, etc., thereby improving the convenience for users.

"NEC is progressively upgrading and expanding NEC Global Enterprise Solutions, its lineup of solutions and services offered globally to enterprise customers in retail, distribution, manufacturing and other fields. Obbligato III is an important part of that initiative, and NEC will continue to provide solutions and services contributing to the growth of its customers' businesses," said Toshikazu Fukuoka, general manager, Manufacturing and Process Industries Systems Development Division, NEC Corporation.


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