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NEC enhances Traffic Management Solution that maximizes ROI for communication service providers - New solution added for improving QoE -

*** For immediate use February 24, 2015

Tokyo, February 24, 2015 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the launch of an enhanced Traffic Management Solution (TMS) that improves Quality of Experience (QoE) for end users, increases mobile internet usage and helps maximize communication service providers' (CSP) return on investment (ROI).

This new solution quantifies and analyzes network performance using three indicators, network coverage, throughput and QoE, and applies optimization accordingly to improve the quality of mobile data services. Conventionally, network performance has been evaluated using only network coverage and throughput. However, NEC established a more comprehensive evaluation of network performance by adding QoE as an indicator, including a means to quantify and visualize QoE. This enables network performance to be improved more effectively by applying traffic optimization functions based on the new comprehensive analysis.

NEC is also introducing an SSL traffic flow control solution in order to process rapidly increasing encrypted traffic (SSL traffic) over mobile internet services.

Outline of the New Solutions

  1. Network performance visualization for improving QoE
    Conventionally, network performance has been measured by two indicators; network coverage and throughput. However, network performance measured with just these two indicators is not sufficient for accurately evaluating the smoothness of service access. QoE measures smoothness based on the quality of service that users experience, such as the time required to display web pages and the number / length of stalls during video playback. As today's end users are sensitive to QoE, CSPs are required to pay close attention to improving it as a means of winning a competitive edge. In order to introduce network performance including QoE, NEC implemented the measurement, quantification and visualization of QoE as a mean opinion score (MOS*).

    The use of three indicators enables comprehensive network performance to be visualized and analyzed. Analysis results are then used to determine the appropriate optimization functions, such as TCP tuning and traffic flow control, to be applied for improving network performance more efficiently.

  2. SSL traffic flow control for encrypted video content optimization
    As end users are increasingly concerned about information security, a growing number of internet sites are adopting SSL encryption for their traffic. As the information required for optimization cannot be obtained from encrypted traffic, traffic management systems are unable to optimize it, which results in downgraded overall optimization performance.

    In order to overcome this issue, NEC developed unique algorithm to precisely estimate the contents of SSL traffic and implemented functions that automatically apply the appropriate traffic flow control based on estimated contents. This helps CSPs optimize the network bandwidth occupied by a few heavy users of video content and enhances the equality of network usage, which results in improved QoE for all users of the network.

CSP field trials of NEC's TMS have proven to increase end users' mobile internet usage thanks to improved QoE. This enables CSPs to improve revenue from data traffic. NEC aims to contribute to CSPs' business expansion by continuously enhancing TMS and providing innovative new solutions.

Mr. Masaaki Nakano, general manager, Telecom Carrier Business Unit, NEC Corporation said, "TMS boosts end users' QoE and increases their mobile internet usage. This results in increased CSP revenue through increasing ARPU from data traffic usage. QoE improvement also contributes to CSPs' revenue by churn reduction. In addition, TMS also reduces CSPs' CAPEX for additional network infrastructure by improving the efficiency of network usage. Through this combination of revenue increases and cost reductions, NEC's TMS contributes to maximizing the ROI of CSPs."

NEC's enhanced Traffic Management Solution will be featured at Mobile World Congress in Hall 3 on stand #3N10 on 2-5 March 2015.

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(*) Mean Opinion Score (MOS) is used to indicate QoE which is defined by ITU-T P.800 with scores between 1 (the lowest) and 5 (the highest).

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