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NEC to Offer DWDM Repeaterless Optical Submarine Cable System to Japan Telecom

September 17, 2001

TOKYO JAPAN, SEPTEMBER 17, 2001 --NEC Corporation (NASDAQ:NIPNY) (FTSE:6701q.1) (TSE: 6701) announced today that it has received an order from Japan Telecom Co., Ltd. to supply DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing ) Repeaterless Optical Submarine Cable System that will offer backbone network in the northeast area of Japan. NEC has already started delivering the systems and the network will be completed in March 2002. The service is expected to commence operation in the spring of 2002.

Upon completion, the 280 km repeaterless optical submarine cable network will connect Hachinohe, Aomori prefecture and Muroran, Hokkaido prefecture at a total capacity of 7.68 terabits (the equivalent capacity of 92 million telephone lines).

The arrival of the Internet is bringing further expansion of demand for large-capacity backbone network. Under such circumstances, Japan Telecom is actively pursuing construction of optical network infrastructures including the project awarded for NEC. The Hachinohe-Muroran submarine cable systems route will be an important network that supports Japan Telecom's network together with current terrestrial networks.

"NEC has its legacy in supplying submarine cable systems for more than 25 years, with its active involvement in the ASEAN region. Our recent projects include the construction of huge networks such as the China-US, Japan-US, APCN2 and Australia-Japan cable systems," said Botaro Hirosaki, Associate Senior Vice President and Executive General Manager of NEC's Optical Network Operations Unit. "Our experience coupled with our strength in this field has successfully led us to receive the order from Japan Telecom, which will strengthen our domestic and global optical submarine cable system business."

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