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Product Lineup

Repeatered System (NS Series)

Staggering ultra-long haul capacity – coupled with unsurpassed reliability. The NS Series gives you more than 3.5TB per fiber pair over trans-oceanic distances. Choose from a wide range of flexible client interfaces up to 40G – with 100G around the corner.

Repeaterless System (SLR320 Series)

Cost-effective submarine transmission for links up to 400km and beyond.
A combination of Raman and remotely-pumped erbium amplifiers eliminate the active components in the transmission line. Ideal for festoon networks, and for terrestrial systems where in-line power is unavailable.


A full range of fiber optic cables to suit any marine environment. Born out of decades of engineering excellence, these eco-friendly cables deliver the same high reliability and peace of mind as the rest of the NEC product family.

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