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NEC to Introduce Terrestrial/Submarine Integrated Global Seamless Network

June 1, 2001

NEC Corporation (NASDAQ:NIPNY) (FTSE:6707q.1) (TSE:6701) announced today that it has launched its next generation network concept based on the DWDM technologies. NEC will introduce the "Terrestrial/Submarine Integrated Global Seamless Network" to global network carriers.

With the rapid expansion of the Internet and mobile phone markets, the data traffic volume has also increased dramatically. To cope with this situation, many countries are beginning to deploy DWDM-based large capacity backbone networks. In addition, large-scale submarine cable projects linking major cities are taking place throughout the world. Under such circumstances, more efficient network construction and operation is being sort by global network carriers.

NEC has been offering its terrestrial DWDM system "SpectralWave Series" to major network carriers in the U.S., Asia, and Europe. NEC has been one of the major submarine system suppliers for the last 25 year and more recently, NEC has supplied its DWDM-based submarine system "NS320" to large Asian Pacific projects such as Asia Pacific Cable Network 2 (APCN2), Australia Japan Cable (AJC) and East Asia Crossing 2 (EAC2). This wealth of experience gives NEC a strong advantage in being able to offer total network solutions from terrestrial to submarine systems to meet the needs of major global network carriers.

Major features of NEC's "Terrestrial/Submarine Integrated Global Seamless Network" are as follows;

Global Mesh Network:
Large-scale DWDM networks connected in mesh create flexible network services utilizing the existing network infrastructure.
Terrestrial/Submarine Integrated Network:
Integration from terrestrial to submarine networks makes possible to improve efficiency of network facility.

Benefits of NEC's "Terrestrial/Submarine Integrated Global Seamless Network " are as follows;

Rapid provisioning:
Network management systems for both terrestrial and submarine system are combined so that total and rapid provisioning is possible.
Space reduction:
The integrated system reduces space dramatically compared with the current system. Also the efficient configuration of aggregation POPs and landing stations is made possible.
Bandwidth efficiency:
Global mesh networks enable shared protection so bandwidth can be efficiently utilized.
Flexibility for partial network upgrade:
Global mesh network enables carriers partial capacity upgrade as traffic demand increases.

NEC will exhibit this new concept at "Supercomm 2001" held at Atlanta, Georgia from June 3rd 2001.

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