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NEC To Launch 160Gbps WDM Non-Repeatered Optical Submarine Cable System for Highly-reliable, Large-capacity Backbone Network

September 17, 1999

Route Map:
"160Gbps WDM Non-Repeatered
Optical Submarine Cable System"

NEC Corporation (NEC) (NASDAQ: NIPNY) (FTSE: 6701q.l) announced that it has launched a Wavelength Division Multiplexing (WDM) based 160Gbps (10Gbps x 16) optical submarine cable system called "SLR160S". NEC will start to deliver the system in March 2000. NEC is the first company in the world to realize more than 300km of long-distance, non-repeatered submarine transmission on 160Gbps WDM system. This system has the ability to upgrade on 320Gbps(10Gbps x 32).

Recently, due to the expansion of IP networks, projects to construct high-speed and large-capacity backbone networks are being planned all over the world. In the submarine cable systems market, large-scale projects, which object to construct the global network by connecting main cities in each countries, are underway mainly in the pacific ocean and the Atlantic ocean ,and the demand for high capacity transmission systems are increasing. In particular, the non-repeatered WDM submarine cable system is regarded as the most efficient and economical solution for the carrier offering easy maintenance and high reliability.

The new product can be applied for the transmission between center stations and islands, landing points and center stations, and coastal link transmission system as well as the upgrading of existing submarine cable systems. Furthermore, the new product is effective for terrestrial transmission network. NEC will further promote and propose this product not only to the worldwide submarine projects but also to the total transmission network including terrestrial transmission.

The major features of the new product are as follows;

  1. High-power booster amplifier and remotely pumped amplifier make it possible to transmit 160Gbps /fiber pair signals over 300km without any repeater.
  2. As this is a non-repeatered system, power feeding equipment and repeater monitoring equipment are not required enabling the landing centers to be constructed very economically.
  3. The upgrade from 10Gbps to 160Gbps can be implemented in service without stopping the operation of the system. Upgrade to a 320Gbps system is also possible.
  4. SDH/SONET interfaces are available for low speed interfaces(Tributary interfaces).
  5. Optical transmission output 24mW, 250mW, 500mW, 1W are available for high speed interfaces(line interfaces), so they can be selectable in accordance with the transmission distance.
  6. ITU-T Q3 interface is available for network management,so it can be easily connected with network management system.

NEC places this new product as one of the [Photonic IP Networking] solution. NEC will be heavily involved in marketing this system with the effective combination of other WDM repeatered submarine cable systems which have much supply records. The system provides the total network solution integrating with DWDM systems, DWDM ring networks, SDH/SONET optical transmission systems and Carrier-class routers which are already commercialized for terrestrial markets.

NEC anticipates the sales of 20 billion yen in coming 5 years.

NEC will exhibit and demonstrate this product at [TELECOM99+INTERACTIVE99], to be held in Geneva, Switzerland from October 10, 1999.

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