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NEC Receives Order for the First Optical Fibre Submarine Cable in China

September 18, 1996

Advanced system will be operational around April

NEC Corporation announced that it has received the order from China Communications System Corporation for China Unicom's Shenzhen to Zhuhai submarine cable communication system contract, the first fibre optic submarine cable in China.

This system will use the most advanced Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) technology and begin operation around April of the next year. The capacity of this system is equivalent to approximately 180,000 telephone lines.

China Unicom is the new common carrier established in China in 1994. The company provides such telecommunication services as local and long-distance telephone, mobile and satellite communications, data communications and VAN services. China Communications System Corporation is responsible for the construction of telecommunications infrastructure for China Unicom.

The contract for this section, is the initial part of the first optical submarine cable project in China. The cable, when completed, will run from Dandong, Liaoning province to Fang Cheng Gang, Guangxi province and connect 25 other major cities along the 7,050 km route. This is one of the largest telecommunications projects in China, and a response to the country's rapidly increasing telecommunications demand.

NEC has been involved in the submarine cable system business for over 20 years. Recently NEC supplied the world's first 5 Gbit/s large-capacity loop-type system in Malaysia. NEC hopes to be strongly involved in supplying more of its most-advanced systems to China and other Asia-Pacific countries in the future.

Outline of the Project

Project name : Cooperation Contract For China Unicom
Shenzhen - Zhuhai Submarine Communication System
Customer : China Communications System Corporation
Total value : US$ 4,200,000
System : Shenzhen ~ Zhuhai (115 km) SDH Optical Submarine Cable
(Capacity : 2.5Gbit/s x 6 fiber pair = 180,000 telephone lines)

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