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NEC Smart Transportation Services - Global Case Study [2:24]

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Transportation, the veins of our cities. Pulsing through those veins, data. The heartbeats of a smarter city. But without a world class Smart Transportation partner, that data holds little value.
All around the world, NEC is leading the transformation of transportation, using that data to maximize cities' growth potential.
In Portugal, NEC's Lisbon Smart Management Platform has resulted in improving service efficiency and quality of life for its citizens.
In Ahmedabad, India, NEC has built an Intelligent Transport Management System underpinned by intelligent IoT, big data and BI that helps analyze data sets from different services on one dashboard, resulting into more efficient and dynamic bus service operations across the ticketing, in-station and in-journey stages.
In Japan NEC's Interoperable Smart Ticketing and Settlement System makes seamless transfer between transportation systems possible in many cities. In Hiroshima, there's now one card for almost all transportation that delivers reliability, scalability and unparalleled convenience.
Over in Christchurch, New Zealand, their residents now benefit from a more robust and reliable bus network, powered by NEC's new Real Time Information System. With a GPS based solution, operators can manage their buses timetables more precisely whilst monitoring and measuring of bus reliability.
And in Tasmania, Australia, NEC deployed a Transit Management System for Tassielink. By connecting to pre-existing onboard equipment, no capital expenditure was necessary for the operator. This allowed commuters to plan, navigate and monitor their bus journeys in real time with an integrated mobile app.
NEC is at the heart of Smart Transportation all around the globe, empowering governments and transportation operators to make cities smarter, safer, and more sustainable. Advanced Smart Transportation with NEC, the veins, brains and heart of the next generation of smart cities.

Orchestrating a brighter world


NEC is leading the transformation of the transportation industry through data utilization which maximizes the growth potential of cities. In this video, we will introduce case studies of our Smart Transportation Services from all around the world.
See how NEC is empowering governments and transport operators to make cities smarter, safer, and more sustainable.

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(December 12, 2022)