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NEC Introduces Next-Gen Security Solutions for Mega Events at 83rd INTERPOL General Assembly

*** For immediate use November 4, 2014

Tokyo, November 4, 2014 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) will showcase its Public Safety solutions at the 83rd INTERPOL General Assembly Exhibition, which will be held in Monaco from 3 to 7 November 2014. A next generation security solution targeted at enhancing surveillance and security capabilities at mega events, such as international sports competitions, is among the many solutions that the company will introduce with its partner.

Mega events often pose extensive security challenges to the host cities. Traditional methods of securing event venues and crowd control are no longer adequate given the sophistication of criminal groups who are aiming to disrupt event proceedings. Advance intelligence and on-the-spot intelligence are of paramount importance for organizers to gain situation awareness.

NEC will showcase, with its partner 3D-4U Inc., a security system targeted at mega events. The system uses the latest technologies in virtual reality, computer graphics, data processing, media, and social media to create an ultra-modern, end-to-end secure, 2D/3D video surveillance solution.

This first-of-its kind technology platform streams video in ultra-high resolutions to an unlimited number of personnel and provides each the ability to view, control, and share their own unique view as needed. By combining the images and video captured and distributed through the proprietary 3D Panoramic Cameras (180 or 360 degrees) with input from various analytics engines, such as face recognition and behaviour detection, the solution provides venues with comprehensive smart monitoring capabilities in real-time and on-demand. This combination will greatly enhance the effectiveness of security personnel in supporting the operation and security control of mega events.

NEC has extensive experience and expertise in offering security solutions to governments around the world, including biometrics identification solutions that have been used by more than 500 customers in some 40 countries. In addition, NEC's video surveillance and video analytic capabilities have achieved success in important South American markets. NEC has also participated as a leader of one of the four consortiums in the Singapore Safe City Test bed. Making use of an array of sensors and a unique fusion of information from the ground and cyberspace, the consortium developed an innovative series of safe city solutions. With the wide range of Public Safety solutions and technologies it provides, NEC can help Law Enforcement agencies maintain safety within its cities or at mega events.

Solutions to be exhibited at the event include:

  1. Inter-Agency Collaboration and the 3D-4U System
    NEC's Inter-agency Collaboration Framework, including the 3D-4U system, uses advanced technology to address the complex issues of collecting, analyzing and transmitting large amounts of data across agencies. With the help of actionable analytics, agencies can achieve better situation awareness which will help them provide appropriate responses to a wide range of events.

  2. Facial Recognition Solutions
    NEC will showcase its world's No. 1 rated face matching technology [ranked top in speed and accuracy in the FRVT2013 tests conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)]. Three products using this core engine will be demonstrated.

    • NeoFace®Watch
      NeoFace Watch is a high performance face recognition software application for real-time video surveillance, offline video face search and high volume photo face search. It can be used with fixed, mobile, hand-held and body-worn cameras for fast, accurate identification in real-time, or for rapid forensic analysis after an event.

    • NeoFace®Reveal
      Specialized for forensic application, NeoFace Reveal is a software application dedicated to solving crimes using facial recognition technology. It is available as a standalone solution or integrated with the NEC biometric identification system.

    • NeoFace®Smart ID
      Intended for field operations, NeoFace Smart ID is a smart phone and tablet-based solution that enables collection and identification of fingerprint, face, voice, demographic and other source data. NeoFace Smart ID can also be configured for submittal to a central database or with a local facial watch list allowing for on-the-spot identification prior to remote database search.

  3. Cyber Security Solutions
    NEC's Cyber Security team possesses the know-how and capability of securing your key information assets. NEC utilizes a layered, integrated threat mitigation strategy to protect information assets at all levels and for different circumstances. NEC is able to tailor our suite of solutions to meet the needs of the individual customer or organization, working in either a greenfield or legacy environment.

    • Cyber Range Platform
      NEC and Sypris Electronics LLC will showcase the Cyber Range Platform, which is used for Cyber Security training, testing and validating large-scale IT security solutions in a virtual environment.

    • Digital Forensic Laboratory (DFL)
      To mitigate global threats in law enforcement and equip law enforcement agencies with necessary forensic capabilities, NEC is showcasing our Digital Forensic Laboratory (DFL) solutions which include a suite of forensic tools and forensic training programs. This suite empowers organizations with the know-how for specific forensic areas, including:
      • Computer forensics (Disk)
      • Malware forensics
      • Mobile device forensics
      • Photo forensics

    • Cyber Fusion Centre (CFC)
      NEC is showcasing our Cyber Fusion Centre (CFC) solution which provides a collaboration platform for the following:
      • Complex Event Processing
      • Security Information & Event Management
      • Digital Forensics
      • Malware Analysis
      • Cyber Information Surveillance on Social Networks

NEC is a leading provider of integrated IT and networking solutions that seeks to empower and enable agencies, municipalities and cities to take preventive and protective measures to enhance public safety and security – in both the physical and cyber world. It has introduced the concept of 'safer cities' which aims to help public and private institutions make use of advanced technologies to protect lives and property. The concept leverages the company's established technologies and solutions which have been deployed for national identification, law enforcement, immigration, emergency and disaster response organizations throughout the world.


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