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NEC sets new environmental management goals based on its Social Solutions Business

*** For immediate use July 8, 2014

Tokyo, July 8, 2014 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) will reinforce its contributions to the mitigation (*1) of and adaptation (*2) to climate change by monitoring and managing social infrastructure and the global environment and providing appropriate information through its Social Solutions Business, which offers advanced social infrastructure based on information and communications technologies (ICT).

In connection with this, NEC has quantified the social value of its contributions to actions addressing climate change and has set a new goal for environmental management, which is to attain a level of CO2 reduction that is five times the total volume of CO2 emissions from its entire supply chain in fiscal 2020, ending March 31, 2021. NEC will bolster its contributions to both the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change in an effort to meet this goal.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the leading international body for the assessment of climate change, recently published its fifth assessment report, where it stresses the necessity of taking steady action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as the importance of making preparations for future possible impacts.
In accordance with the NEC Group Environmental Management Action Plan 2017/2030 announced in June 2010, NEC has been working hard to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. NEC has decided to quantify its contribution and set a new goal for environmental management, given that this will reinforce its contributions to emissions control through its Social Solutions Business, and that it will also be able to help make preparations for disasters, food and water shortages and other issues that may increase as a result of climate change.

NEC will capitalize on its ICT assets, including its strong sensing technology and big data analysis technology, to monitor and control water, electric power, transport and other social infrastructure. Moreover, the company will monitor the global environment, including the eco-system, forests and climate, in order to offer appropriate data with the aim of achieving the optimal use of water, food, energy and other resources as well as the efficient operation of social infrastructure. NEC will also contribute to actions for addressing climate change by means of disaster monitoring and early warnings.

NEC's contributions through its Social Solutions Business include the following:

  • Reduction of wasteful consumption of water resources and energy consumed in water generation with the use of leakage detection systems and smart water management
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions by forest conservation through the use of remote sensing technologies from satellites
  • Improvement of the operation ratio and stable operation of high efficiency equipment on the basis of invariant analysis technology (*3)

Going forward, NEC aims to continue addressing climate change through its Social Solutions Business and carrying out environmental activities integrated with its management strategy.



*1) Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions

*2) Readiness for the impacts and risks resulting from climate change

*3) These technologies automatically extract and model universal relationships that
represent the characteristics of a system (invariant) based on massive quantities of sensor data, without relying on domain knowledge of the plant system.  As a result, the technologies are able to detect "silent failures" that do not match with the system's model behavior

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