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NEC launches new DCMStar/ChainStore solution with enhanced functionality for international chain retailers - Newly added functions enable the provision of order recommendations and real-time access to sales and inventory information -

*** For immediate use January 15, 2014

Tokyo, January 15, 2014 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced the launch of a new addition to its lineup of DCMStar/ChainStore solutions for international retailers (chain stores) in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region and elsewhere. Primary functions of the new product include the provision of product order recommendations, a function providing real-time access to sales and inventory information from each store, and a CRM function that can be used to implement a wide variety of point card services.

DCMStar/ChainStore systems are complete packaged solutions that integrate NEC's know-how from many years of chain store management experience in and outside Japan to provide support for the headquarter and store operations of multi-store retailers such as convenience and drug stores. This newly launched solution is comprised of a POS system, an ordering, inspection and inventory system utilizing portable terminals, and a headquarter system and retail store back office system enabling centralized management of product master lists and sales, inventory and other data collected from each store.

Primary features of this newly enhanced solution include the following:

  1. A function for displaying the recommended number of products to be ordered based on sales and inventory data from each store. For products whose sales fluctuate due to seasonal factors or new products, there is even a function that makes it possible for headquarter personnel to determine how many products to order by referring to sales data from the same period in previous years or sales data from similar products. This contributes to the prevention of stock shortages and excessive inventory. (Provision slated to begin in January 2014)

  2. A dashboard function for providing headquarter and store personnel with real-time access to sales and inventory data from each store, as well as instructions, messages and event information from headquarters. This function enables the realization of faster decision making and information sharing. (Provision slated to begin in January 2014)

  3. A CRM function that manages customer information and enables real-time provision and utilization of store-visit points, birthday points and points based on member rankings. By enabling a wide variety of point-based services, this function helps support customer retention. (Provision slated for August 2014)

  4. Three different IT platform models are available for small-, medium- and large-scale multi-store retailers. This in turn makes it possible for multi-store retailers utilizing this solution to easily expand their system to include up to 1,000 stores. (Provision slated for August 2014)

While aiming to expand its retail solutions business in the APAC region in line with the Mid Term Management Plan 2015 goal of focusing on rapidly growing Asian markets, NEC has established a Regional Retail Business Support Center (RBSC)(*) and is conducting training courses on retail solutions for local employees.

These functional enhancements to the DCMStar/ChainStore solution reflect NEC's commitment to expanding its solutions for global retail infrastructure development.

NEC's enhanced DCMStar/ChainStore solution will be exhibited at the NEC Innovative Solutions Fair 2014 held in Singapore on January 16, 2014.



(*) The RBSC is an organization established in May 2013 by NEC Asia Pacific, NEC's APAC Regional Headquarters, to formulate regional strategies, provide sales and technical support, and train personnel for its retail solutions business.

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