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NEC develops big data software technology that enables real-time processing at world-class speed

*** For immediate use December 3, 2013

Tokyo, December 3, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) has developed a big data software technology that enables real-time processing at world-class speed and at a low cost.

The new technology will speed up analysis of big data to enable prompt use of analysis results (for risk aversion based on prediction and forecasting, etc.).

There are increasing expectations towards the utilization of big data for a wide range of purposes, including the instantaneous analysis of digitized text and numerical information, as well as voice, image and other complex, diverse, and large-scale information used for optimizing management and reducing risks. However, digitizing large-scale image data and conducting precise and elaborate calculations, for example, involve a high level of computational complexity and require a large amount of time, thereby calling for expensive dedicated systems in order to conduct processing in real time.

To address this problem, NEC developed a new software technology (*1) for more effectively utilizing generic many-core servers (*2), which are suitable for high-speed processing. The new software technology enables (1) efficient parallelization of application programs that implement analytical processing and (2) uniform distribution of parallelized processing into multiple processor cores. This technology thus realizes much faster processing compared to conventional systems, at low cost and without the need for dedicated systems.

To verify the benefits of this new technology, NEC applied the technology in processing that involves detecting individuals from an image showing several hundred persons using a many-core server (*3) composed of more than 100 processor cores. The test showed that processing which conventionally required a few minutes could be completed in less than one second, indicating that processing speed can be increased by more than 100 times with the use of the technology.

The following are key features of the new software technology:

  1. NEC-developed parallelization technology for many-core servers
    Applying the program-parallelization technology NEC has nurtured in the development of vector-type supercomputers, it developed a new technology for easily converting unparalleled programs into programs suitable for parallel processing. This has enabled the allocation of programs that were previously only possible to allocate into a few processor cores into more than 100 processor cores within generic many-core servers, thereby realizing drastic improvement in processing speed.

  2. Load-distribution technology for maximizing server capacity
    NEC developed a technology to instantly distribute disparities in processing load that arise between processor cores during parallel processing. Hierarchical load control for automatically transferring processing from high-load processors to those with low load makes it possible to maximize the capacity of generic many-core servers.

Going forward, NEC will continue to research and develop software technologies and to actively pursue the development of new methods for utilizing big data.



(*1) Offered as a library for use by program developers

(*2) Server equipped with tens to hundreds of processors

(*3) Two Intel (R) Xeon Phi (TM) core processors built into NEC Express5800/HR120b-1

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