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NEC provides TV Asahi with network infrastructure utilizing SDN

*** For immediate use November 12, 2013

Tokyo, November 12, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) has provided advanced network infrastructure with Software-Defined Networking (SDN) for TV Asahi's "Go-Chan Square," a business and entertainment complex housing facilities that include office buildings and a multi-purpose theater.

Go-Chan Square's network infrastructure is equipped with NEC's "UNIVERGE PF Series," featuring "NEC SDN Solutions" (*) with OpenFlow. This enables Go-Chan Square to provide tenants with a network environment that is ideal for a wide range of needs, including internal networks, IP video transmission and broadband Internet access for both TV Asahi, one of Tokyo's leading television networks, and independent event sponsors. Go-Chan Square-based offices also capitalize on this sophisticated network, making it an ideal business environment for the broadcasting industry.

Key features of this network system include the following:

  1. Coexistence with a variety of networks
    The UNIVERGE PF Series uses network virtualization to enable the creation of an independent logic network that can be optimized for a variety of applications on a single network system. As a result, users are able to maximize the utilization of physical networks while maintaining the security of the data flowing through each logic network and avoiding traffic interference for each network.

  2. Greater implementation and operational flexibility
    Traditionally, when determining the detailed requirement definitions during the early stages of network construction, it is also necessary to make progress on the design and construction of physical networks and logic networks. However, the UNIVERGE PF Series allows new requirements to be added after physical design and construction has begun, in addition to supporting logic design changes. As a result, the time needed for early stage requirement definitions and planning phases has been shortened, operations are able to begin within a short period of approximately 3 months, and requirements can be quickly added or changed, even after operations have begun.

  3. Temporary network use
    Go-Chan Square features a multi-purpose function hall that hosts a wide range of events, including live concerts, musicals and television programs. The Theater's network system flexibly provides virtual networks that meet the demands of each user's needs, such as accelerated network speed, greater scale and a full variety of time frames.

This flexible network system leverages NEC's UNIVERGE PF Series with OpenFlow while capitalizing on SDN's support for a wide range of coexisting networks.

Going forward, NEC will continue driving the development of technologies, products and services that utilize NEC SDN Solutions to provide businesses and public offices throughout the world with innovative solutions that contribute to the improvement of society.



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