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NEC develops world's first presence sensing system for accurately detecting movement of people and objects using a sensor sheet - Realizing protection and security environments that take into account privacy considerations while enabling early detection of unusual events -

*** For immediate use November 11, 2013

Tokyo, November 11, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) has combined an NEC-developed sheet-type sensor that uses a novel wireless detection method and its unique analysis technology to develop a presence sensing system for accurately detecting shape and movements of people and objects without the use of a camera.

The new system enables early detection of unusual events while taking into account privacy considerations for use in public facilities and places.

Different kinds of protection and security-related services are now being introduced as demands for a safe and secure lifestyle for all people are growing in our society. Implementation of these services, however, involves the need to address privacy and cost considerations.

The newly developed system combines (1) a sheet-type sensor that captures foot print shape and movements through weak signals from the surface of a sheet installed on floors and (2) an analysis technology for determining shape and direction of feet soles and direction of movement of multiple foot prints based on the data detected by the sensor.

The system can be used in early detection of unusual incidents or abnormalities, such as fallen patients in isolated areas inside nursing homes and hospitals. It can also be used to monitor unauthorized entry and line of movement of intruders in restricted areas, and to determine the state of congestion within particular areas, among various other uses.

The following are key features of the new system:

  1. Unique sensor sheet for accurately detecting people and objects
    NEC developed a thin (few millimeters in thickness) sensor sheet that captures changes as people walk or things move around through very weak signals from the sheet surface. Since objects can be detected regardless of their weight and shape, the sheet can detect wheelchairs, guide dogs, and canes used by people with disabilities. Also, with the use of a unique sensing mechanism based on radio waves, the sensor can be built with less than a tenth of the cost of existing sensors having the same precision.

  2. Analysis technology for accurately determining shape and direction of feet soles
    Data obtained from the sensors are used to create a detailed reconstruction of foot sole shape through an NEC-developed image recognition technology. Since it can simultaneously capture position, direction, and movement of several individuals, it can be used in following the line of movement of intruders into restricted areas as well as in determining the state of congestion within particular areas.

Going forward, NEC will continue research and development on this technology and plans to commercialize solutions based on the technology by FY2015.


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