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NEC establishes "Safer Cities" strategy for global expansion of public safety business - Globally launching solutions in seven business domains -

*** For immediate use November 7, 2013

Tokyo, November 7, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) has combined its competitive technologies, products, and services to establish "Safer Cities," a new strategy for global expansion of its public safety business, while launching sales of globally available solutions in seven business domains.

Aiming to contribute to the solution of various social challenges, NEC announced a shift of its business focus to Solutions for Society in its 2015 Mid-term Management Plan announced in April this year. NEC will offer advanced social infrastructure utilizing ICT to realize a safe, secure, efficient, and equal society through this management plan. NEC is also promoting its safety business as one of the pillars of the global growth strategy for its Solutions for Society business.

To date, NEC has offered a wide range of safety solutions that combine state-of-the-art technologies, such as biometrics, sensors, and big data processing technologies. In addition to these solutions, NEC is currently developing common solution models, to fast track the global expansion of its safety business, while enhancing its overseas system integration capabilities and global customer base.

Also, in April this year, NEC established a Global Safety Division (GSD) in Singapore to promote its safety business. Furthermore, in September, it established the NEC Laboratories Singapore (NLS) as the center of its global solutions research in Asia. Through NLS, NEC has formed flexible research collaborations with local research institutions and customers and, through active participation in field trials, is creating new solutions using its state-of-the-art technologies. NEC is promoting the global deployment of these solutions through the GSD.

Under the new "Safer Cities" strategy, NEC has defined seven business domains, namely, Citizen Services & Immigration Control, Law Enforcement, Critical Infrastructure Management, Emergency & Disaster Management, Public Administration Services, Information Management, and Inter-Agency Collaboration. NEC will begin offering solutions in these domains through its 500-member global operation structure led by the GSD.

The following are the solutions and business domains that NEC will launch under the new Safer Cities strategy:

  1. Citizen Services & Immigration Control
    Citizen services and immigration control solutions that leverage top-level-accuracy fingerprint identification, facial recognition, and other biometric identification technologies widely used in Japan, the U.S. and many countries around the world
    • National ID systems, voter ID management systems, immigration automated gate systems, e-passport/e-visa systems, etc.

  2. Law Enforcement
    Solutions that support law and order, such as solutions for detection of blacklisted persons using surveillance cameras for crime prevention, based on the world's most accurate biometric identification technologies
    • Fingerprint identification solutions, criminal investigation support systems, portable DNA analyzer, facial recognition solutions, radio wave monitoring systems, plate number detection systems, cyber-crime prevention solutions, etc.

  3. Critical Infrastructure Management
    Solutions for preventing occurrences of crime in critical infrastructure, such as airports, harbors, power plants, gas facilities, water treatment facilities, and stadiums, disruptions to which pose a massive impact on society
    • Area surveillance solutions (sophisticated sensor systems [high-sensitivity cameras, infrared sensors, underwater sensors], video surveillance systems), warning and security solutions, biometrics gate control systems, railway facility camera surveillance systems, plant facility surveillance systems, etc.

  4. Emergency & Disaster Management
    Solutions for preventing disasters through early detection of disaster threats, as well as for minimizing damage and facilitating recovery from natural disasters, such as earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, fires and typhoons
    • Disaster monitoring solutions (earthquake/ tsunami observation systems, satellite disaster-monitoring systems), disaster information systems, wide-area disaster prevention networks, emergency cloud systems, etc.

  5. Public Administration Services
    Solutions that underpin public administration services to promote public safety and security, such as solutions for prevention of infection and manpower management through the use of IT and network technologies nurtured over many years at NEC
    • Foreign worker visa control systems, e-government systems, healthcare information solutions, etc.

  6. Information Management
    Solutions for cyber security in an information society where hacking and other cyber-attacks pose a major threat to people's lives
    • Internal incident visualization solutions, cyber-attack surveillance and analysis solutions, cyber-attack response training, cyber security consultation, etc.

  7. Inter-Agency Collaboration
    Network infrastructure for sharing information among municipalities, government agencies, and relevant institutions; and solutions for extracting useful information from big data obtained through information sharing and for analyzing and visualizing data for presentation
    • Sophisticated sensor systems, big data analysis systems, visualization solutions, etc.

NEC has already played an important role in more than 500 safety-related systems and projects in approximately 40 countries around the world. Going forward, NEC will leverage this wide deployment experience to develop technologies, products, and services, form partnerships, and actively offer solutions to customers in order to further enhance its global safety business and contribute to the creation of advanced social infrastructure. For more information, visit at


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