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NEC to provide air traffic control radar for Taiwan's Air Navigation and Weather Services (ANWS)

*** For immediate use November 5, 2013

Tokyo, November 5, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) and NEC Taiwan Ltd. have been selected to provide Taiwan's Air Navigation and Weather Services (ANWS) with air traffic control radars at the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport and Taichung airport.

Taiwan is deeply committed to providing safe, comfortable and efficient flight services as the country moves towards becoming a center for air transportation in the Asia Pacific region. As part of these efforts, and in order to respond to a growing number of flights, the ANWS is improving the quality and competitiveness of traffic services.

This is being accomplished through the introduction of an automated air traffic control system in 2011, and the strengthening of essential functions that include navigation, surveillance and air traffic management. In line with this, NEC and NEC Taiwan are combining their resources in order to provide air traffic control radar systems and to help reinforce the safety and management efficiency of traffic operations.

NEC has provided air traffic control solutions for more than 50 years, including systems for sophisticated transportation hubs in Japan, South Korea and the Philippines.

The air traffic control radars selected by Taiwan's ANWS consist of an airport surveillance radar (*1) and a secondary surveillance radar (*2) that capitalize on advanced NEC technologies. The airport surveillance radar accurately detects nearby aircraft by utilizing the latest semiconductor circuit technologies and signal processing technologies to remove interference (clutter) caused by ground and meteorological factors. The secondary surveillance radar helps provide detailed operational information about nearby aircraft, even in crowded airspace.  Moreover, it helps to improve the efficiency of air traffic control services while contributing to overall safety.

In April 2013, NEC established its "Mid-term Management Plan 2015," which focuses on "Solutions for Society" that leverage Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) in order to advance social infrastructure and contribute to the resolution of a variety of social challenges. Going forward, NEC will continue to strengthen its solutions related to air traffic control and to develop new services that are based on regional needs.



(*1) Airport surveillance radars detect the bearing and distance of aircraft by radiating radio waves from ground stations then receiving reflected waves from the aircraft.

(*2) Secondary surveillance radars detect bearing, distance and flight information, such as altitude and identification codes of an aircraft, based on information received from the avionics of the aircraft.

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