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NEC Shows How Virtual and Real-World Security Come Together at 82nd Interpol General Assembly

*** For immediate use October 21, 2013

Tokyo, October 21, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) will introduce a revolutionary cyber fusion security concept at the 82nd ICPO-INTERPOL General Assembly Exhibition, which will be held at  Centro de Convenciones Cartegena de Indias Julio Cesar Turbay Ayala in Cartagena, Colombia from 21 to 24 October 2013. Known as Cyber Fusion Platform, the concept attempts to create a fusion solution that will encompass both virtual and real-world security.

Among all forms of asymmetric attacks, locating a cyber-criminal behind a cyber-attack is one of the most challenging tasks for law enforcement agencies. By leveraging physical sensor networks (e.g. facial images, surveillance video footage, geo-location coordinates, etc.) and cyber information surveillance (e.g. facebook, blogs, forums, twitter, chat-rooms), it is possible, through the concerted efforts of international and in-country inter-agency collaborations, to identify the true source of an attack and physically locate a cyber-criminal.

"The motivation in creating a fusion solution arises from the recent spate of hacking incidents that have attracted much attention in the international media," explained Mr Tan Boon Chin, head of the Global Safety Division, NEC Corporation. "One challenge faced by law enforcement agencies worldwide in many of these cyber attacks is the difficulty in locating the physical whereabouts of a suspect in these crimes that enables their apprehension."

NEC is in a unique position as a company that has extensive experience and expertise in offering security solutions to governments around the world. Our biometrics identification solutions have been used by more than 500 customers in some 40 countries. In addition, our video surveillance and video analytic capabilities have achieved success in a variety of regions in South America. By helping to set up and utilize multiple sensor networks and integrating these networks into an array of cyber security solutions, NEC can help law enforcement agencies locate the physical origin of online attacks.

The Cyber Fusion Platform will be relevant to the Cyber-Fusion Centre which will be housed in the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation to be established in Singapore in 2014. The Centre will provide a platform for law enforcement to collaborate with the Internet security industry to effectively combat digital crime. It will also provide expertise to national cybercrime units during enquiries, coordinate cross-border investigations and deploy investigative support teams to assist national law enforcement agencies during investigations following a serious cybercrime incident.

The following exhibits are key components towards realizing the concept of the Cyber Fusion Platform.

  1. Cyber Security
    NEC's Cyber Security team possesses the know-how and capability of securing key information assets. The team utilizes a layered, integrated threat mitigation strategy to protect information assets at all levels and for different circumstances. The team is able to tailor its suite of solutions to meet the needs of the individual customer organization, working in either a greenfield or legacy environment.

  2. Inter-Agency Collaboration
    NEC's Inter-agency Collaboration Framework uses advanced technology to address the complex issues of collecting, analyzing and transmitting large amounts of data across agencies. With the help of actionable analytics, agencies can achieve better situation awareness which will help them to provide appropriate responses to a wide range of events.

  3. Biometrics on the Cloud
    NEC's "private secure cloud" allows for deployment of a broad range of public solutions, including identity solutions, on one Integrated Platform. Such a platform, with hosted identity services enables multiple services and resources to be shared, thus reducing overall cost.

  4. Facial Recognition Solution Suite
    NEC's face recognition technologies were ranked No. 1 for speed and accuracy in the MBE Still-Face Track in 2010, carried out by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security. In Colombia, we introduce two solutions using face recognition technology.

    a) NeoFace Watch
    Designed for operational security users, NeoFace Watch integrates with existing video surveillance systems enhancing security by extracting facial images in real time from surveillance or even web cameras and instantaneously matching them against a watchlist of individuals. Multiple alert options are available within NeoFace Watch.

    b) NeoFace Reveal
    Dedicated for forensic application, NeoFace Reveal is a software application dedicated to solving crimes using facial recognition technology. NeoFace Reveal allows for capture of "latent face," either from photographs or crime scene videos. Available as either a standalone solution or integrated with NEC.

  5. Video Analytics and Image Enhancement
    Called "Scene Hunter," this technology is able to detect moving objects such as cars or people from video footage targeted for investigative purposes. Image sharpening and reconstruction technologies are incorporated to arrive at a clearer and sharper image.


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