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NEC launches sale of new cloud-based services- "NEC Cloud IaaS" provided through newly established "NEC Kanagawa Data Center" -

*** For immediate use September 12, 2013

Tokyo, September 12, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced the launch of sales activities for a new cloud-based service, the "NEC Cloud IaaS," to begin in October 2013. This service will support a wide range of customer demands, while ensuring performance, reliability and cost effectiveness.  The service is expected to launch in April 2014 and to operate from the "NEC Kanagawa Data Center" scheduled to open in January 2014.

The NEC Cloud IaaS provides ICT resources as a service, including servers and storage, while featuring two service models that consist of the "NEC Cloud Iaas (Standard)," featuring highly valued functions at a low cost, and the "NEC Cloud IaaS (High Availability)," featuring high performance and high reliability.

The NEC Cloud IaaS also provides a self-service portal that enables customers to efficiently operate the NEC Cloud IaaS, as well as customers' internally built systems or other cloud-based services (*) through a single, conveniently integrated, management screen.

Moreover, these services will be provided through the newly established NEC Kanagawa Data Center, which will capitalize on the latest low power consumption servers and air conditioning technologies.

Primary features of the service include the following:

  1. Two services that satisfy a wide range of customer demands
    1. NEC Cloud IaaS (Standard)
      The Standard service provides highly valued functions at a low cost that is well suited for Web servers that experience large fluctuations in processing demand and services carrying out large-scale parallel processing. Costs can be optimized on a pay-by-the-hour basis where the number of servers can be quickly added or subtracted in response to processing needs.

    2. NEC Cloud Iaas (High-Availability)
      The High-Availability service is ideal for mission-critical operations that require high-performance and high reliability. Server performance can be easily enhanced by flexibly increasing the number of CPU cores and the amount of memory, even when a database's amount of processing increases.

  2. The performance and operations of both services outlined above are optimized through close coordination within the NEC Kanagawa Data Center.

    Additionally, NEC leverages Software-Defined Networking (SDN) in order to ease the migration from customer-built systems and to quickly procure ICT resources.

    Moreover, security is ensured through cooperation with NEC's specialized security operations to defend against cyber-attacks, in addition to surveillance, ID and access management services.

  3. A self-service portal that enables integrated management of multiple clouds (multi-cloud environment)
    A self-service portal enables customers to provision and manage servers, storage and networks through a single screen using the Standard and the High-Availability NEC Cloud IaaS services. Moreover, users may efficiently manage the operations of cloud systems through integrating the management, configuration and monitoring of other cloud-based services and internally built systems. NEC can also provide services that integrate the operations of entire systems on behalf of customers.

  4. New data center featuring power-saving products and technologies
    The establishment of the NEC Kanagawa Data Center will capitalize on NEC's power-saving products and technologies in addition to supporting the hybrid use of NEC's cloud-based services with its server housing services.
Going forward, NEC will continue promoting the expansion of the NEC IaaS Cloud, while aiming to drive the commercialization of a wide range of cloud-based products and services that help to streamline and expand the business operations for customers throughout the world.



(*) NEC's existing IaaS and IaaS from other companies

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