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NEC "InfoFrame Elastic Relational Store" enhances cloud environment support- Scale-out architecture database on Amazon Web Services -

*** For immediate use August 28, 2013

Tokyo, August 28, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced the availability and licensing of its scale-out architecture database software, the "InfoFrame Elastic Relational Store," which provides high availability and flexible scalability for rapid data growth, on Amazon Web Services (AWS). New licenses will release in Japan at the end of September then expand to additional regions from the end of October.

In order to meet customer demand for cloud environment support, NEC provides the InfoFrame Elastic Relational Store on AWS, a database optimized for big data that enables flexible system enhancements by using Key Value Stores (KVS, *1),  and also provides high performance and SQL access, similar to a Relational Database (RDB), by leveraging its unique technologies developed by NEC Laboratories America (*2). Moreover, the InfoFrame Elastic Relational Store on AWS enables users to add and reduce server nodes without incurring service downtime.

Key benefits of the InfoFrame Elastic Relational Store on AWS include the following:

  1. Significantly reduces the time to start services
    When rolling out new services, the InfoFrame Elastic Relational Store running on AWS enables customers to easily prepare an environment that includes cloud-based servers and storage. This can reduce the time for a customer to start services in a typical configuration from about two weeks (*3) to one hour.

    Additionally, customers can seamlessly add and reduce cloud-based AWS servers according to their system demand; enabling customers to easily build an ideal environment for new services.

  2. Scale-out the system as demand and data volume increase
    Even if the data volume and the transaction workload increase rapidly, the use of AWS makes it possible to minimize costs, including cloud-based server procurement time and additional development time for system changes.

    As a result, the InfoFrame Elastic Relational Store enables customers to enjoy scalability (scaling-out) seamlessly.

Going forward, NEC will continue to develop and provide products and services for big data and to support the creation of new customer business.

For more information on the InfoFrame Elastic Relational Store, please visit:



*1) Key Value Stores consist of pairs of keys and values and allow the application to store its data based on a simple data model. Due to its simple architecture, it provides scalability and is often used for enterprise systems such as search engines.

*2) NEC patented technology to enable transaction processing and SQL access for Key Value Stores.

*3) The typical time required for a 9 server configuration is two weeks based on NEC system integration.

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