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NEC provides network encryptor that supports data transmission of 10 Gbps- Realizing high-level security in big data transmission -

*** For immediate use July 23, 2013

COMCIPHER XL2B Encryption DeviceCOMCIPHER XL2B Encryption Device
Tokyo, July 23, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) and NEC Magnus Communications, Ltd., today announced the release of the COMCIPHER XL2B, a layer 2 encryption device that prevents unauthorized access to data transmitted over wide area Ethernet lines and supports data transmission of 10 Gbps.

For its encryption algorithm, the new product supports the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), a U.S. government encryption standard (FIPS-197), which is also a cryptographic technique recommended for government and industrial use by Japan's Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication and its Ministry of Economy Trade and Industry. The standard enables a two-way transmission speed of 10 Gbps.

The need for high-level security networks for the transmission of sensitive information and the prevention of information leakage among government agencies and private corporations has dramatically increased in recent years. Also, with the increase in data transmission volume, such as image and video data, big data transmission has also become increasingly necessary.

The COMCIPHER XL2B belongs to the COMCIPHER (AES) Series, which supports data transmission rates ranging from 2 Mbps to 10 Gbps. This enables the efficient construction of security networks for the high-speed and large-scale transmission that is required for the collection and distribution of big data. This new product can be used for data transmission between data centers where traffic increases due to the transmission of video data for teleconferences, transmission to back-up data centers during disaster recovery, and other uses.

Key features of the product are as follows:
  1. Easily incorporates into existing networks
    The device can be used for encryption between lines simply by connecting the device in between the network's end-device and the LAN router or switch. The device enables smooth installation into existing architecture, without the need for changing existing network equipment and settings.

  2. Enables encryption for any application, without causing a decrease in communication speeds
    Even during encryption and decoding at 10 Gbps, delay time is kept to a minimum (at 1 msec or less), ensuring high transmission speeds at all times. Also, since it can be used with any data communications protocol, it is useful in real-time transmission of voice and image data, in which delays are not tolerated, enabling stress-free concealment of transmitted data.

  3. Ease of maintenance and movement of devices after installation
    Even if the COMCIPHER configuration is changed with the addition or removal of equipment after the initial installation, there is no need to change settings for the active COMPCIPHER device. Also, since COMCIPHER is a hardware dedicated for encryption, it does not require maintenance related to software updates, enabling economical operations for safe and secure communications.
In view of the increasing demand for security in wide-area Ethernet, NEC and NEC Magnus Communications plan to aggressively pursue sales of the new product throughout global markets.


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