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NEC launches "MasterScope Virtual DataCenter Automation," a new cloud platform software for automating cloud operations through OpenFlow

*** For immediate use May 29, 2013


Tokyo, May 29, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) today announced the launch of "MasterScope Virtual DataCenter Automation Ver 2.0," a new cloud platform software that supports automatic configuration, deployment and operation of cloud (Infrastructure as a Service) environments within data centers owned by enterprises and service providers. Initially, the product is geared for the domestic market, but plans to expand sales to additional markets, including North America, Europe and APAC.

According to Akinori Itou, general manager, System Software Division, System Platform Business Unit, "This new software is the first among cloud platform products to employ software-defined networking (SDN), where the network is controlled via software, and is linked to the Programmable Flow Controller PF6800, a product incorporating NEC's OpenFlow technology, enabling centralized control of virtual servers and virtual networks. Use of this new product will make it possible to automate operations for changing network settings arising from virtual server retrieval requests from users, a process that has up until now been time consuming for server administrators. This will result in a substantial reduction in not only the amount of time it takes to commence service provision but also costs for operators."

Key features of the product are as follows:
  1. Centralized control of virtual networks and virtual servers through the use of OpenFlow technology
    The software automatically allocates virtual resources from centrally managed resources in accordance with previously defined policies based on virtual server retrieval requests from users. Virtual networks are then automatically generated for each user using the allocated resources, and OpenFlow switches are automatically set. In addition, all of the settings required in using virtual servers for actual work operations, such as firewall settings, load balancer settings, virtual server generation, storage allocation, installation of applications and surveillance settings, are also automatically performed. These automation procedures are included in the standard package as verified usage scenarios, thus making it possible to respond to user requests with shorter lead time and reduced costs for operations.

  2. Integrated management of data centers scattered over a wide area
    Integrating the management of data centers scattered over a wide area will also make it possible to easily operate large-scale virtual data centers with as many as 100,000 virtual servers.

    Integrated management of the software required for configuration and deployment of virtual servers, which were formerly subject to distributed management by each data center, will allow any data center to provide virtual server issuance requests, while expansion of scale will lead to lower management costs.

  3. Provision of virtual appliances dedicated to monitoring service users
    Thanks to the provision of a monthly, fee-based service option enabling operation managers to use monitoring functions, it will be unnecessary for service users to possess their own machines for monitoring. Service users will also be able to implement monitoring systems in a short period of time.

Over the next three years, NEC expects to sell 100 systems combining MasterScope Virtual DataCenter Automation and MasterScope Cloud Manager - which provide a self-service portal platform and cloud service management functions - to telecom carriers and cloud providers considering the introduction of on - premise data centers, private cloud and public cloud services.

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