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NEC provides Universal Studios Japan(R) with prepaid e-Money solution- Fast and easy payment at park stores using smartphones -

*** For immediate use March 25, 2013

Tokyo, March 25, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) is providing Universal Studios Japan(R) with a closed-loop prepaid electronic money solution for e-money services scheduled to launch on March 31.

"Wonder Money" is a pioneering smartphone-based service that is designed exclusively for Universal Studios Japan. The service is composed of "E-money servers" that manage payment data and transaction information, a "Mobile Wallet" application for smartphones that users charge and utilize for purchases, and "E-money Terminals" that salespersons use to carry out e-payments.

Visitors to the park conveniently access the service through the "Mobile Wallet" option of the official Universal Studios Japan smartphone application. After charging their account, users can make purchases by presenting their smartphones to a salesperson, who uses an E-money Terminal to read barcodes that appear on the customer's smartphone screen, which quickly processes the transaction.

The convenience and efficiency of Wonder Money is expected to help improve customer satisfaction by reducing congestion at checkout counters and allowing customers to spend more time enjoying the entertainment provided by Universal Studios Japan.

Universal Studios Japan is introducing this service as part of an ongoing commitment to maintain its position as one of Asia's leading entertainment and leisure companies. This service creates an environment where customers can enjoy the Universal Studios Japan experience by gaining access to a wide range of products and services through the use of a single smartphone.

In the future, Universal Studios Japan aims to further advance its electronic payment services by equipping its e-money terminals with contactless IC readers that support near field communications (NFC). Furthermore, Universal Studios Japan plans to expand electronic money infrastructure with the introduction of "Mobile POS" using the NEC "Cloud Communicator LT-L."

NEC has a long-standing relationship with Universal Studios Japan, having already built the official website and provided a gate entry system with facial recognition technologies.

Going forward, NEC aims to continue expanding its provision of integrated e-money solutions throughout the world, including the development of mobile POS and CRM functions that contribute to retail services and improve the overall customer experience.

Key benefits of Wonder Money include the following:

  1. Supports a wide range of smartphones
    Wonder Money is scheduled to support both iOS and Android(TM) operating systems in order to ensure availability to a wide customer base (*).

  2. Reduces time spent waiting in line
    Lines at restaurants and souvenir shops tend to become busiest in the late afternoon, as visitors to Universal Studios Japan prepare to return home. E-money using smartphones eliminates the time for handling money and confirming change, which reduces the amount of time for waiting in line and improves the shopping environment by reducing congestion.

  3. Enables a variety of services to be provided by smartphone
    In addition to Wonder Money, a wide variety of services can be provided through Universal Studios Japan's Mobile Wallet, including coupon distribution and premium charge bonus pack services.



(*) Services launch on March 31 for Android equipped NTT DOCOMO smartphones.  Services are planned to rollout for all Japan-based carriers and iOS in the future.

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