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NEC begins Mass Production of Home Energy Storage Systems in Kofu

***  For immediate use February 14, 2013

Tokyo, February 14, 2013 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) has begun mass production of electrical power and home energy storage systems at NEC Computertechno's Kofu City campus.

In March 2012, NEC began selling home energy storage systems that its Sagamihara facilities started producing and shipping later in July that year. Today, NEC launched a new mass production line in Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, which is capable of producing 10,000 units per year. Furthermore, NEC plans to establish an additional line in the second half of fiscal 2013, raising annual production capacity to 20,000 units.

In addition to home energy storage systems, NEC Computertechno's Kofu campus is also producing demonstration equipment for middle and large scale energy storage systems for the Yokohama Smart City Project in Japan and Enel Distribuzione, an affiliate of Enel SpA, one of Italy's leading electric power utilities.

NEC will continue producing electrodes for lithium-ion batteries and battery cells for energy storage systems at its Sagamihara facilities.

In recent years, as the need for greater power conservation has continued to grow, businesses and households have become increasingly conscious of the importance of reducing their power consumption, controlling energy use during peak afternoon hours, shifting power consumption from peak hours and introducing large scale solar energy production. Moreover, the need for energy storage systems to provide and maintain a "lifeline" of power in the event of emergencies, such as natural disasters and power outages, has also become more pronounced.

NEC Computertechno's Kofu campus has traditionally managed the production of servers and computer equipment. The facility has now complete a highly efficient mass production line for energy storage systems by capitalizing on the know-how of production methods acquired through supply chain management (SCM) of server production and the use of quality measurement equipment, such as Anechoic Chambers and Thermostatic Chambers.

Going forward, NEC aims to continue improving productivity and expanding production lines while reducing costs through mass production and pursuing greater efficiency.

NEC is driving the global expansion of smart energy business through energy storage systems, energy management systems, electric vehicles (EV) and power charging infrastructure for plug-in hybrids (PHV) linked with information and communication technologies (ICT).  In the future, NEC will continue to contribute to the realization of a society where energy is stored and applied wisely through technologies that include smart houses and smart cities.


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