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NEC Strengthens Big Data Business- NEC provides new cloud-based analytics services -

*** For immediate use November 7, 2012

Tokyo, November 7, 2012 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) is strengthening its big data business with newly developed data analytics technologies that enable companies to accelerate their testing and implementations of big data and to launch cloud services at a low cost.

In the first stage of this reinforcement, NEC is providing new cloud-based analytics services that include a "Marketing service using face recognition technology," "Intelligent Video Surveillance Services" and a "Telematics service," each available in Japan.

Currently, the demand for big data services is growing as companies address challenges that include how to utilize data and which are the most effective investments, technologies and policies to adopt. Moreover, the advanced utilization of data is considered to be delayed since companies are often required to invest in the construction of expensive systems for collecting, storing and analyzing big data.

Against this background, NEC developed a big data platform and built a data center where information is collected, processed and analyzed in combination with NEC's advanced technologies for "facial image analysis," "behavior analysis," "invariant (consistency) analysis," "heterogeneous mixture learning" and "recognizing textual entailment."

As a result, companies can access high-speed, low cost big data analytics systems as a cloud service using NEC's "big data platform" supporting a wide variety of applications.

Main features of these cloud services include the following:

  1. Marketing service using face recognition technology
    These services utilize NEC's world leading (*) facial recognition technologies to automatically detect faces in an image and to recognize the same person with a high degree of accuracy. Stores equipped with cameras that utilize these technologies, for example, enable owners to accumulate and analyze information that includes the estimated age range and gender of customers as well as the time of day and frequency that customers of a certain demographic visit the store.

    NEC is the first company in Japan to provide these kinds of services over the cloud, freeing businesses from the need and expense of constructing their own systems.

  2. Intelligent Video Surveillance Services
    These services capitalize on NEC's world leading face recognition technologies to detect subjects from camera images in real time, to automatically record characteristics into a database and to search for suspected individuals. Surveillance cameras can also be programed to begin filming as soon as a suspect enters a certain area, which helps draw the attention of security personnel and prevent crime. Furthermore, surveillance footage from the past can be used in order to search for and analyze suspect behavior. This is the first cloud service of its kind in Japan, where companies have been required to build their own systems until now.

  3. Telematics services
    NEC is providing automotive services that capitalize on the company's independently developed behavior analysis engine. User behaviors are forecast based on a combination of time, user positioning and the analysis of behavior patterns that are collected on each user. The company also provides services that enable the visibility of a user's current movements, delivery of information (raw data) from automobiles as well as the assessment of safe driving and environmentally friendly driving levels.

NEC launched its "Big Data Strategy Project" in February 2012 and is driving the development of new technologies and products as well as the advancement of trials and proposals. Moreover, a 200 person organization of specialists who are expert in customer's business operations and analytics are scheduled to be operating by 2014. Going forward, NEC will continue to strengthen its lineup of big data products, services and solutions as part of creating new value for businesses.



* In 2010, NEC took first place in the accuracy assessment contest carried out by America's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).

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