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NEC Provides SAN Storage Ideal for Virtual Environments- Providing the highest level of performance with automatic data arrangement -

*** For immediate use November 5, 2012

NEC M700 SAN StorageNEC M700 SAN Storage

Tokyo, November 5, 2012 -  The "NEC M700 SAN Storage," is now on sale in Japan as a middle to high-range storage model that is ideal for virtualization and supports superior scalability. Sales of this model are expected to steadily expand throughout North America, Europe, Asia and greater China.

In recent years, as server virtualization and cloud computing have rapidly expanded, the volume of data flowing between all kinds of businesses has also rapidly intensified. As a result, IT administrators are increasingly concerned with improving processing performance and efficiently saving data.

"NEC's independently developed technologies enable the M700 to provide the industry's highest level of processing performance among middle to high-range storage, while automatically optimizing the arrangement of data within storage," said Chikara Suzuki, general manager, Storage Products Division, NEC. "Furthermore, when compared to existing models (*1), the improved operational efficiency and reliability of this product make it ideal for creating virtual environments, mission critical business systems and private clouds."

Key features of the M700 include:

  1. 3 times the processing performance and greater scalability than existing models
    • Compared to existing models, the M700 features twice the number of CPUs, 4 Times the internal bus bandwidth and greater high-speed processing performance. The M700 also features NEC's independently developed RAID accelerator technologies, which rapidly process multiple input/output commands at the same time, as well as multiplexing of the internal processing of storage. As a result, this storage provides the industry's highest level of performance, approximately 3 times that of existing models.
    • The M700 is equipped with 48 host ports and offers 2.5 times the storage capacity of existing models, for a maximum of 2.2PB (petabytes). As a result, the M700 is able to connect to multiple servers for high capacity data storage.

  2. Improved operational efficiency from automatically optimized data arrangement
    An optional "optimized data arrangement function" automatically transfers block units of data to the most suitable storage field in response to access frequency and data characteristics. This enables automatic optimization and improved operational efficiency, even for systems that combine multiple characteristics, including systems where different capabilities are required for virtualized areas.

  3. Secure erase function based on methods defined by the United States Department of Defense
    Internal storage data can be completely erased using methods based on those defined by the United States Department of Defense (*2). This option provides users with added security that is free from the risk of leaking information due to failure to erase data, which is a possibility for data center operators that reuse storage.



(*1) Based on NEC measurements when comparing the "M500," the most recent top model of the "M Series," to the "M700."

(*2) This is a high security disk data erasure technique based on the United States Department of Defense's DOD5220.22-M disk erasure method.

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