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NEC Develops Technologies for High Speed, Scalable Processing of Big Data and Composite Events- Optimized transmission to 50 million mobile phones -

*** For immediate use September 19, 2012

Tokyo, September 19, 2012 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) has developed and tested real time big data processing technologies that maintain high speed, scalable processing even for events that require sophisticated analysis.

In recent years, there is a rapidly growing need for real time complex analysis of information resulting from the widespread use of devices such as mobile phones, automobiles and consumer electronics, which has given rise to a massive expansion of machine to machine (M2M) networks that process vast amounts of data (big data).

Instant analysis of big data requires complex event processing (CEP), the automatic processing of information from events, based on data processing and analytical procedures (rules). However, existing CEP are burdened by issues such as complex processing rule allocations that are assigned by hand, as well as the relationships and dependencies between rules that cause wasteful information transmissions between servers, which can reduce processing speed by more than 90%, limit the scalability of servers and impair the response to fluctuating volumes of data.

"These newly developed technologies achieve high speed processing by automatically equipping servers with the rules for processing and making efficient use of computing resources, regardless of changes in the volume and variety of data," said Motoo Nishihara, General Manager, Cloud System Research Laboratories, NEC. "Furthermore, since the system can automatically reassign processing rules, highly scalable big data processing infrastructure can be achieved, even as the number of servers increases or decreases."

Key features of these technologies are as follows:

  1. Real time processing that requires few computing resources
    A newly developed algorithm optimizes the arrangement of processing rules created by users in advance for each server that is arranged in parallel. If there are relationships or dependencies between the processing rules, the rules are placed on the same servers and the load for each server can be balanced. This localization of processing enables high speed, complex event processing that requires few computing resources due to the reduction of both wasteful transmissions and links between servers as well as effective load distribution.

  2. High scalability that can respond to data expansion
    Newly developed technologies transfer events to the most appropriate server based on the assigned processing rules. This reduces processing loads for servers and networks and supports system growth that will be needed in response to data expansion in the future.

These technologies were verified by achieving real time processing on a system where 2.7 million events occurred per second through a 16 unit server system (10 system units, 6 load generator units) featuring 100,000 processing rules. This is the equivalent of taking just 20 seconds to send information on 50 million users from 100,000 stores for a service that provides store and coupon information to mobile phones. This scale can be expanded even further in order to meet the needs of larger services.

NEC will continue driving the development of this technology as it seeks to commercialize services by the end of March 2013 with its CONNEXIVE M2M solution that leverages communications between machines.

These technologies were developed in part through contract research with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, including research on "Ubiquitous Network Technologies" from 2003 to 2007, as well as research on "Ubiquitous Platform Technologies" from 2008 to 2010.


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