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NEC Releases Two-Socket Servers to Minimize Expense of Data Center Operations

*** For immediate use September 13, 2012

Express5800 E120d-M Express5800 E120d-1
Express5800 E120d-M Express5800 E120d-1

Tokyo, September 13, 2012 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) launched the two-socket Express5800/E120d-1 and E120d-M server series today, featuring high density mounting per rack as well as processing performance for memory and processor-intensive applications that are ideal for data centers.

These servers incorporate the latest Intel(R) Xeon(R) processor E5-2400 product family and are equipped with NEC's advanced server design technology and power control technologies, which help improve system performance and minimize operational costs related to electricity and floor space.

"Power efficiency is one of the most important issues of today's data center. Intel welcomes the release of NEC's new power efficient servers," said Jason Waxman, General Manager, Cloud Infrastructure Group, Intel. "NEC takes a unique approach of decreasing not only server power consumption but also reducing cooling power by enabling high temperature operation and taking advantage of Intel Node Manager for power optimization. Intel is focusing on improving power efficiency of data center as well as increasing the capacity and expects to collaborate with NEC to further enhance overall data center solutions."

"In order for data center operators, especially server hosting operators, to provide high quality, reasonably priced services to customers, they are required to concentrate many servers within limited facilities, to monitor electric power and to operate and manage them efficiently," said Tetsuhide Senta, Assistant General Manager of the IT Network Global Solutions Division, NEC Corporation. "We believe that our new server solution, which incorporates the latest high-density mounting technology and power saving technology with industry standard agent-free management capability, is the best solution for flexible system management at a low cost."

Primary features of the new Express5800 servers include:

    • Improved total performance capability per rack
      Compared with existing 1U rack servers of equivalent performance, power consumption is reduced by a maximum of 16%(*1) by adopting this structure, which can reduce the electric power needed for system cooling, and by performing optimal cooling control according to server loads. This enables numerous servers to be installed into one server rack.

    • High temperature operation
      The servers support 24/7 operations at 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) without restricting the operation of other Express5800 server families. Expenses related to cooling facilities, such as electricity charges, can also be reduced.

    • Establishment of a compatibility testing center
      A compatibility testing center was founded for verifying the performance of various GNU/Linux and management software that are mainly used in hosting. Verification reports are distributed through NEC's global site. These activities can reduce the time and workload for the verification of systems being introduction to customers by side engineers.

  • High density mounting solution
    This lineup features the "E120d-M" modular server which enables the installation of up to four dual-socket 1U server features into a space of 2U in height and 700 mm (27.55 in.) in depth. NEC's new modular server enables extreme high density mounting without restricting existing data center facilities by adopting server designs that allow the same front-side server maintenance as existing rack systems.

NEC's new Express5800 servers will be available in late September 2012. Worldwide shipping dates differ by model and country.



(*1) Comparing the NEC R120d-1M to the NEC E120d-M

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