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NEC Promotes Global Expansion of Solutions using Smart Devices- Early focus on mobile business support systems in Asia -

*** For immediate use July 26, 2012

Tokyo, July 26, 2012 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) is seeking to globally expand the availability of its "smart device" solutions that help businesses utilize devices such as smartphones and tablets to strengthen their business, improve operational efficiency and reduce costs.

NEC will initially concentrate on the promotion of four leading solutions, mostly in Asia, that include mobile business support systems and inventory management systems specialized for local business practices and customer needs.
Furthermore, NEC aims to provide these solutions as cloud services from FY2013.

  1. Mobile Sales Force Automation
    • Improves the efficiency of business management operations outside of the office by enabling business information to be easily entered into smart devices that formerly required written work.

    • The entry of product information into smart devices enables accurate analysis of a wide range of data in real time, including sales, delivery and inventory information.

    • Smart device solutions connected to systems at the head office enable sales managers, etc. to quickly update performance data, even before returning from a trip.

  2. Inventory Tracking System
    • Enables head offices to centrally monitor shop conditions while sales people use their smart devices to record product prices, inventories, etc.

    • Assists with the strategy of setting prices for retail inventory as well as the timely creation of effective sales policies.

  3. Customer Management
    • Enables the introduction of products and services and the management of customer information to be shared through smart devices.

    • Contributes to improved customer service and increased sales through the use of tablets to display sales tools, such as catalogues etc., and to make store and product recommendations based on customers' purchase histories, etc.

  4. SMS Notification (Delivery Request System)
    • Specialized SMS (Short Message Service) for delivery companies and retail businesses, for example, enable rapid processing of customers' delivery requests made by phone by automatically sending an SMS notification to a driver's smart device.

    • Drivers may also contact the head office by SMS to confirm the status of an order or the receipt of a package, etc.

NEC is also considering the expansion of its solution menu to include services such as building inspections, asset management, market research, financial instruments and credit checks.
Going forward, NEC will continue to leverage its know-how in providing innovative solutions for a wide range of industries and to capitalize on the services, devices, consulting and system integration of the NEC Group in order to reinforce competitiveness and operational efficiency.


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