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NEC Provides Image Recognition Service for Mobile Terminals

*** For immediate use May 22, 2012

Tokyo, May 22, 2012
- NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the availability of new image recognition services for smartphones and mobile terminals in Japan beginning June 1. The new service can provide detailed information on a wide range of subjects, including everything from food to automobiles, that appear in photos taken with mobile devices.   

In recent years, as smartphones have become increasingly popular, a new market has emerged for image recognition services for mobile terminal cameras. However, there are complicated challenges to producing fast and accurate systems in support of these services, including the creation of a processing engine, database renewal and maintenance. As a result, there is strong demand for new mobile-terminal-based image recognition services that overcome these issues.  

NEC's new service meets this demand by utilizing the company's image recognition engine, featuring the world's highest level of recognition accuracy, to compare subjects from photos to image data registered on the cloud or on mobile terminals. Once a subject is recognized, detailed information about that subject can be displayed on a mobile device.  

The use of this high speed, highly accurate image recognition system in combination with an image database enables businesses to quickly and easily provide their own customized image recognition applications for smartphones.

A health care provider, for example, could offer services for individuals with special dietary needs. Users of the service could take photos of a meal in order to have detailed information about the meal, including calories, ingredients and recipes, displayed on their mobile terminal.  

Other applications may appeal to car enthusiasts, who can take photos of cars on the street in order to learn about an automobile's manufacturer, model and price.

Key features of this service include the following:

  1. High speed, highly accurate image recognition
    This system provides high speed, highly accurate image recognition services by capitalizing on NEC's internally developed image recognition technologies (*1). Furthermore, original NEC technologies that compress image data and reduce the amount of calculations required for an application enable this system to effectively operate even on the limited computing resources of mobile terminals.  

  2. Easy to launch services provided through the cloud
    Systems such as image processing engines and database renewal, which are required in order to offer services, are provided on the cloud.  This frees service providers from having to develop a series of different systems on their own and enables them to easily launch new services.  

NEC has an accomplished history of developing and providing recognition services for a wide range of industries, including products with fingerprint and face recognition technologies that are used in airport immigration facilities, entry/exit systems for large corporations and other identification systems for enhancing security.

This new service capitalizes on NEC's experience and technologies to accurately recognize images related to a large cross section of products, places and services, which improves user convenience and creates new business opportunities.  

NEC aims to promote this service and expand sales through mobile communications providers, manufacturers, retailers, agricultural use, tourism purposes and more.

Looking forward, NEC will continue to develop and provide technologies that create new value and enhance the processing of Big Data.

New image recognition service for displaying detailed information on food products, vehicles, etc. through mobile terminals



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