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NEC Provides WAF and Clustering Software on Amazon Web Services(R) Cloud Platform- Highly available and secure IT system environment through Amazon Web Services -

*** For immediate use May 8, 2012

Tokyo, May 8, 2012 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the availability of services on Amazon Web Services(R) (AWS, *1), including its "InfoCage SiteShell" Web Application Firewall (WAF, *2) Software and "EXPRESSCLUSTER X" (*3) Clustering Software, which have been successfully introduced to leading companies throughout the world.

IT systems and mission critical systems on the Cloud must feature robust security, superior fault detection and rapid disaster recovery. The NEC technologies running on AWS enables the provision of a highly available and secure Cloud computing environment.

Key features of "InfoCage SiteShell" and "EXPRESSCLUSTER X" on AWS are as follows:

  1. Enhanced security at a low cost with "InfoCage SiteShell"
    1. The "InfoCage SiteShell" is a "Software-based WAF (*4)" that is installed on existing AWS web servers. Users can easily scale-out and change the configuration of current operating systems. A license is only required for the number of targeted servers, which results in reduced investment costs.

    2. NEC regularly provides users with vulnerability information (black lists) in order to detect attacks. The latest threat information is gathered and analyzed by various sources. "InfoCage SiteShell" responds to attacks in accordance with the updated black list.
  2. HA clustering through "EXPRESSCLUSTER X" in a virtual environment by AWS
    EXPRESSCLUSTER X enables the configuration of HA (High Availability) clustering in a virtual environment provided by AWS. This allows more critical business operations to be implemented on AWS and provides users with more system configuration choices. EXPRESSCLUSTER X ensures high availability of users' critical systems by enabling HA clustering across multiple Availability Zones (*5) in each AWS Region (*5).
Going forward, NEC will continue to develop and provide products and services that deliver highly available and secure Cloud computing services.

"We are pleased to see NEC providing WAF software and Clustering software running on AWS cloud for a wide range of companies across all business sizes," said Mr. Tadao Nagasaki, Managing Director of Amazon Data Services Japan. "Through the ease of use that AWS offers for WAF software and Clustering software to support mission critical domains, it brings more business values for companies in this constantly changing business environment."

For further information about InfoCage SiteShell and EXPRESSCLUSTER X, please visit:



*1) Amazon Web Services (AWS), Amazon EC2, and the Amazon Web Services logo, are registered trademarks of Inc. and its affiliates.

*2) A Web Application Firewall (WAF) is the firewall that protects against attacks on Web applications.

*3) EXPRESSCLUSTER X holds the No.1 share among HA clustering software in Asia Pacific including Japan.
- Source: IDC White Paper sponsored by NEC, The Importance of High Availability Solutions Increases with the Changes in Next-Generation Platforms, Doc #202133_EN, September 2011

*4) This source is the research conducted by NEC to the AWS Solution Providers in Japan.

*5) AWS Region: A Region is where Amazon Web Services (AWS) has datacenters in the country.
Availability Zones: Each AWS Region consists of multiple Availability Zones.  Each Availability Zone in a AWS Region has datacenter clusters that are engineered to be operationally independent of the other Availability Zones, with independent power, cooling, physical security, and network connectivity.

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