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NEC Releases Video Identification Software that Rapidly Locates Clips within Vast Video Collections

*** For immediate use April 10, 2012

Tokyo, April 10, 2012 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the availability of new video identification software that almost instantly locates video clips within vast collections of video data.

This video identification software extracts a "finger print" (video signature) for video clips that are matched with other video signatures in order to locate scenes quickly and accurately. The software also recognizes if a video was altered in ways that include caption overlays, resolution conversion, brightness conversion and bootleg recordings. As a result, organizations that treat video, such as television broadcasters, content holders, research companies and video-sharing sites, can automate and streamline their video confirmation procedures instead of using human observation, which is slower and subject to fatigue.

For example, when a television broadcaster searches for video that was used with multiple programs, they search through an extensive video database (archive) that is difficult and time consuming to review with the human eye. This software resolves this issue by enabling broadcasters to quickly and easily locate specific video clips. Moreover, video-sharing sites can efficiently check whether video uploaded by users is authorized or unauthorized.

This software is available in English and Japanese through a model where 250 hours of video can be registered (*1) for 2.2 million yen (tax-excluded) or a model offering unlimited registration for 30 million yen (tax-excluded). NEC aims to sell the software to more than 100 companies throughout the world over for the next 3 years.

Main features of this software are as follows:

  1. Extracts video signature and rapidly locates videos
    • Extracts a video signature for each video frame.
    • 1,000 hours of video can be inspected in 1 second when using video signatures from 5 seconds of video.


  2. Technology approved as an international standard
    • Features video identification technology approved by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as a part of the MPEG-7 (ISO/IEC 15938-3/Amd.4) video standard.


  3. High detection rate and low false positive rate for altered or bootleg video
    • Accurate identification of altered video, including caption overlays, resolution conversion, color/brightness conversion and bootleg recordings.
    • The average rate of successful identification is 96% at a low false alarm rate of 5ppm (5 per million) through strict MPEG-7 testing. This is the top performance when compared with other technologies.


  4. Detection of short video scenes
    • Accurate detection of video as short as two seconds is enabled through the comparison of each frame.


  5. Compatible with PCs
    • Video signatures are 76 bytes/frame, which minimizes the storage memory required for the matching process.
    • Easily installed with a PC.

Looking forward, NEC will develop products and solutions that capitalize on these video identification technologies in order to globally contribute to the efficiency of the media industry and the establishment of a content distribution structure where all video rights are respected.



(*1) limited to 250 hours
Users can register up to 250 hours of video, including both database video and query video.

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