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NEC Provides Cloud Supported Home Energy Storage System- Thinner, quieter systems supported 24/7 -

*** For immediate use March 29, 2012

Tokyo, March 29, 2012 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) announced today the availability of a new home energy storage system that is remotely supported 24 hours a day through cloud computing and equipped with lithium-ion storage batteries. Shipment of the new system to residential construction companies and building material suppliers in Japan is planed to begin in July 2012.

The new system is 30% thinner and considerably more quiet than existing NEC systems that were released in July 2011. This enables the system to be installed in compact spaces and operating noise has been reduced through the elimination of cooling fans. Additionally, users are assured of system safety and reliability thanks to continuous real time monitoring and remote software updates through cloud computing.

Both the new and conventional home energy storage systems connect to home power distribution boards in order to provide automatic bidirectional control of electrical power that is linked with power utilities' power grids, home appliances, photovoltaic solar power generation systems and others. This maximizes the effective use of solar power and ensures that electricity is charged during night hours, when energy fees are cheaper, then discharged in the daytime (*), which results in a reduction in both home electricity costs and electricity consumption from the grid during peak hours.

Furthermore, the data collected from controller and cloud functions also enables NEC to provide new consulting services focused on the "visibility" of the electrical power supply as well as the reduction of heat and electricity costs for residential construction companies.

"In recent times, there is a growing need to conserve electricity in Japan," said Mr. Takashi Ohara, general manager, Smart Energy and Green Business Development Division, NEC Corporation. "At the same time, it is essential to maintain home power supplies during emergency situations and black outs. This newly developed system addresses these needs with a combination of NEC's long-life lithium-ion storage battery technologies and its advanced electricity control technologies."

Key features of these systems include the following:

  1. 24-hour remote support services on the cloud
    Home networks are continuously connected to NEC data centers. System safety and reliability is assured through real time monitoring of system temperature, charge-discharge status and others. Moreover, remote maintenance is conveniently available, including billing structure modifications and software updates.

  2. Smaller and more quiet than existing systems
    The new system is approximately 30% slimmer (310 mm depth) and more quiet than existing systems. In addition to easy installation, the system also features a stylish curved design and low operating noise in consideration of surrounding rooms and homes.

  3. Improved user friendliness
    Standard equipment includes a system controller and control panel. The control panel enables easy confirmation of system operations and smooth transition to the most appropriate operation mode, including "peak mode," when the electricity source is automatically switched to the storage battery due to heavy electricity use, "green mode," when the system stores solar generated power and "economy mode," when solar generated power is sold to power companies.

Looking forward, NEC will continue to drive the development of electricity storage systems for the home that capitalize on advanced information and communications technologies.



(*) Contract with utility company required.

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