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This special feature broadly introduces NEC's generative AI technology solutions. It includes improvements to the core technology of generative AI, the development of associated technologies, advanced application technologies such as the automation of video analysis tasks, and the development of rules and risk management methods that conform to global standards.

No.2 (June 2024) Special Issue on Revolutionizing Business Practices with Generative AI — Advancing the Societal Adoption of AI with the Support of Generative AI Technologies

In this issue, we introduce our suite NEC Open Networks, efforts to open networks, research and development for Beyond 5G/6G, and reduction of energy consumption in network operations in order to contribute to carbon neutrality.

No.1 (September 2023) Special Issue on Open Network Technologies — Network Technologies and Advanced Solutions at the Heart of an Open and Green Society

To accelerate DX, summarizes our DX efforts to date as best practices, and introduces our DX offerings that solve customers' DX issues quickly and high quality.

No.2 (June 2022) Special Issue on DX Offerings to Accelerate the Digital Transformation of Society

NEC takes a look at how DX is making an impact on social infrastructure. We also introduce our R & D in the infrastructure technology that can help shape the future.

No.1 (October 2021) Special Issue on Social Infrastructure that Guarantees Safety, Security, Fairness, and Efficiency

We introduce case studies showcasing the values produced by NEC Value Chain Innovation and discuss the digital technologies at the core of this process.

No. 1 (January 2021) Special Issue on NEC Value Chain Innovation

This special issue introduces case studies demonstrating NEC’s ability to use AI to create social value; cutting-edge AI technologies contributing to the promotion of digital inclusion; and efforts in developing policies and expertise on artificial intelligence and human rights.

No. 1 (January 2020) Special Issue on AI and Social Value Creation

This special issue introduces the biometric solutions NEC has developed and is developing, multimodal biometrics that combines a variety of different recognition technologies, and the cutting-edge technology that supports them.

No. 2 (April 2019) Special Issue on Social Value Creation Using Biometrics

This special issue highlights NEC's aim to create people-centered societies and transform the lives of citizens based on the idea of city management.

No. 1 (November 2018) Special Issue on Sustainable Data-driven City Management

We will introduce our efforts to ensure cybersecurity and the solutions we have to offer to our customers, as well the cutting-edge technologies.

No. 2 (January 2018) Special Issue on Cybersecurity

We will zoom in for a close-in look at the NEC the WISE IoT Platform and other IoT solutions, examining how they have been successfully implemented by a variety of different businesses in a variety of different situations.

No. 1 (October 2017) Special Issue on IoT That Supports Digital Businesses

This special issue discusses NEC’s commitment to developing the advanced technology that we believe will provide the foundation for future FinTech innovation, as well as offering unprecedented social value.

No. 2 (June 2017) Special Issue on FinTech That Accelerates Digital Transformation

This special issue introduces our activities in creating social value with NEC’s AI platforms, our vision for social solutions, and the broad range of AI technologies that support their realization.

No. 1 (December 2016) Special Issue on AI & Social Value Creation

This special issue describes how NEC technologies and solutions are not only responding to the many challenges facing telecom carriers, but also providing new value.

No. 3 (July 2016) Special Issue on Telecom Carrier Solutions for New Value Creation

This special issue will introduce the reader to our solutions, services and technology that are paving the way for the Smart Energy society – solutions for general users and enterprises as well as end-user solutions for the customers of energy industry and utility companies.

No.2 (April 2016) Special Issue on NEC's Smart Energy Solutions Led by ICT

This special issue introduces the reader to concrete examples of how NEC is tackling this objective in each stage of the value chain, the solutions that deliver innovation, various case studies, and our ICT supporting NEC’s Value Chain Innovation.

No.1 (December 2015) Special Issue on Enterprise Solutions to Support a Safe, Secure and Comfortable Life

This special issue introduces “NEC Cloud IaaS,” the lineup of products that comprise our services, the latest technology from our research laboratories and a few customer case studies.

No.2 (June 2015) Special Issue on Future Cloud Platforms for ICT Systems

This special issue will focus on introducing the reader to our public solutions for the public sector.

No.1 (January, 2015) Special Issue on Solutions for Society - Creating a Safer and More Secure Society

This special issue introduces the NEC Group’s approach to Social Value Design from the perspective of “Basic Promotion Activities” and “Practical Application Promotion Activities,” examines the methodologies for analysis of the results of projects that employ Human-Centered Design and Design Thinking principles.

No.3 (July 2014) Special Issue on Social Value Design - Contributing to Social Value Innovations

This special issue introduces SDN advanced technologies and NEC SDN Solutions, which contribute to realization of safety, security, efficiency, equality of an information society friendly to humans and the earth, and also introduces case studies.

No.2 (April, 2014) Special Issue on SDN and Its Impact on Advanced ICT Systems

This special issue, entitled "Solving Social Issues Through Business Activities," introduces NEC's business activities, products, technologies and services in connection with our endeavors for becoming a "Social Value Innovator," based on the above 4 initiatives.

No.1 (September, 2013) Special Issue on Solving Social Issues Through Business Activities

We hope to introduce our readers to a broad diversity of the latest technology of NEC: from actual solutions that exploit the potential of smart devices to a variety of technologies that support these solutions such as imaging, voice recognition, sensing and the user interface.

No.3 (March, 2013) Special Issue on Smart Device Solutions

We would like to introduce our readers to our information collection platforms, large-volume data processing platforms, analysis technologies, and other Big Data technologies, products and solutions that enhance the business environment of our customers with new value.

No.2 (September, 2012) Special Issue on Big Data

In response to growing market needs for answers to environmental and energy issues, this special issue introduces the reader to solution that employ energy devices developed by NEC.

No.1 (March, 2012) Special Issue on Smart Energy Solutions

This special issue will introduce readers to NEC's approach to our M2M business and services as well as the devices and essential technologies that support them.

No.4 (December, 2011) Special Issue on the “Network of Things”

We would like to introduce the reader to our imaging and recognition solutions and the wide array of products and technologies that comprise them.

No.3 (October, 2011) Imaging and Recognition Solutions

We would like to introduce the reader to how we define and optimize Accessibility, Usability and Innovation in our product development, and to describe the development process that transforms those ideals into NEC Group products.

No.2 (July, 2011) Special Issue on User-Centered Design

This special issue will describe our vision for NEC's space system business, our roadmap to its achievement, and details of the activities and programs that will lead us to our destination.

No.1 (April, 2011) Special Issue on Space Systems

We would like to introduce not only our eco-friendly office, but also NEC’s approach to making a comfortable and work-friendly office environment for office workers through the development of innovative products and services inspired by our vision.

No.4 (December, 2010) Special Issue on Total Eco-Solution for Office

This special issue takes a close look at our public safety business and how it will contribute to building a safer and more secure world, and introduces our new products, solutions and services as well as the platform technologies that support them.

No.3 (October, 2010) Special Issue on Public Safety

We would like to introduce our concept for the NEC Cloud System, our roadmap for realizing the overall system and a detailed look at some of our cloud solutions and products.

No.2 (June, 2010) Special Issue on Cloud Computing

This special issue reports on our related products and system technologies and also deals with various challenges of ours in this field.

No.1 (February, 2010) Special Issue on Optical Submarine Cable System

This special issue will report on the latest technological advances in the respective domains of NEC Electronics and NEC TOKIN.

No.1 (March, 2009) Special Issue: Electronic Devices

The special issue focused on Supercomputer SX-9, provides readers with an introduction to the advanced hardware technology, the basic software that maximizes hardware performance, and application case studies. The special issue on Lui explores the concept behind Lui and provides an outline of Lui products along with an explanation of the proprietary technologies that transform these products into reality.

No.4 (December, 2008) Special Issue: Supercomputer SX-9/Special Issue: Home Server and Home Client Solution “Lui”

In the special issue on UNIVERGE, we take a closer look at UNIVERGE-related solutions, products, services and essential technologies, and their ongoing evolution driven by UC. The issue on medical care systems presents a broad overview of NEC's activities in the field of medical and health care, and provides readers with a detailed introduction to some of our solutions, and our vision for the future.

No.3 (September, 2008) Special Issue: UNIVERGE, Tap into the Future with Unified Communications/ Special Issue: Medical Care Systems

Focusing on SI-related and software package-related aspects of NEC's technology, the special issue focused on the human interface introduces processes with improved ease of use, our activities aimed at improving usability, and functions designed to promote ease of use. The special issue on technologies for mobile terminals introduces the latest trends related to the hardware/software platforms and essential NEC technologies.

No.2 (June, 2008) Special Issue: Human Interface/Special Issue: Technologies for Mobile Terminals

We would like to introduce our approach to solutions that are enhancing the safety, security, environment and convenience of ITS, and the various core technologies that make these advances possible.

No.1 (March, 2008) Special Issue: ITS

This special issue will report on the latest results of the technological development activities of NEC Electronics and NEC TOKIN on the frontier of our respective fields.

No.4 (December, 2007) Special Issue: Electronic Devices

The special issue on NEC's REAL IT PLATFORM focuses on the cutting-ege technologies that enable the platform to satisfy the three key requirements of flexible, dependable, and simple.  In the special issue on video display technologies, we introduce the latest trends on device technologies such as LCD and backlight.

No.3 (September, 2007) Special Issue: REAL IT PLATFORM / Special Issue: Video Display Technology

In the special issue on embedded software and solutions, we introduce readers to platforms, components and development environments. The special issue on user participation type web services provides a broad overview of how NEC Group companies are rising to the challenge of providing user-participatory web services.

No.2 (June, 2007) Special Issue: Embedded Software and Solutions / Special Issue: User Participation Type WEB Services / Optimized Solutions by Network System Integration

In the first special issue focused on introducing NEC's activities to achieve comprehensive and fundamental security measures that will be essential in the future, we explore trends and case studies in relation to specific products, systems, and system integration technologies. The second special issue explores aspects of nanotechnology, including NEC’s development strategy that applies nanoscale physical properties to innovative nanodevices, the use of open innovation through third party collaboration, NEC-owned platform technology, and typical nanodevice technologies.

No.1 (March, 2007) Special Issue: Information Security in Enterprises / Special Issue: Nanotechnology

NEC Technical Journal features a Special Issue on Electronic Devices to offer a wide perspective of NEC Group’s current status in developing electronic devices.

No.5 (December, 2006) Special Issue: Electronic Devices

We would like to introduce not only the broad selection of BC/DR services and related solutions that are provided by NEC, but also our own approach to BC, relevant case studies and a glimpse at the technologies of tomorrow.

No.4 (November, 2006) Special Issue: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

The special issue on dependable IT and network technology introduces some of the fruits of NEC's R&D activities in various network, IT, and device-related technological fields that will make our vision of dependable IT and networks a reality. The special issue on video display technology focuses on the directions pursued by NEC in the development of LCDs and on the innovative products that have resulted.

No.3 (July, 2006) Special Issue: Dependable IT and Network Technology / Special Issue: Video Display Technology

In the special issue on next generation networks, we provide an overall picture of NEC's initiatives in this area and introduce our related solutions and products in detail. The special issue on RFID introduces trends and NEC's activities related to RFID.

No.2 (May, 2006) Special Issue: Next Generation Network / Special Issue: RFID

This special issue pages are intended to introduce the advanced solutions, products, technologies and services that were exhibited on this occasion.

No.1 (March, 2006) Special Issue: C&C User Forum & iEXPO2005

The NEC Group is continuously contributing to the advancement of the ubiquitous society by pursuing the synergy of key devices, focused on IT/Network integrated systems and semiconductors.

No.3 (Summer, 2005) Special Issue: Device Technologies Supporting IT / Network Integration

This special issue features the ubiquitous information technology that will be able to analyze enormous amounts of information in order to produce additional value when the ubiquitous society is achieved.

No.2 (Spring, 2005) Special Issue: Information Utilizing Technologies for Value Creation

NEC’s intention is to gain experience of the construction,  maintenance and administration of systems and to consider them in the context of solutions to the security of customer issues, so that optimum solutions can be provided.

No.1 (Winter, 2005) Special Issue: Security for Network Society

At NEC, we have developed a network platform called UNIVERGE that can integrate sound, images, and data-processing by fully utilizing broadband and wireless network technologies, thereby reducing the communications costs, and at the same time significantly improving office work productivity.

No.4 (Fall, 2004) Special Issue: IT/Network Integrated Solution "UNIVERGE"

Few companies can provide all the IT and network technologies, terminal and device technologies, and the services based on them that are necessary to create a more affluent society. To achieve such a society, NEC integrates its advanced technologies, collaborates with the organizations concerned as well as with customers, and continues to move forward.

No.3 (Summer, 2004) Special Issue: Advanced Technologies and Solutions toward Ubiquitous Network Society

NEC will continue to deliver “high-performance,” “high-reliability” platforms suitable for the forthcoming broadband age, in addition to other products that will contribute to the innovation of the customer’s work style and the creation of enterprise value.

No.2 (Spring, 2004) Special Issue: Advanced Technologies Driving "Dynamic Collaboration" -Featuring Hardware Platforms

We at NEC are determined to resolve our customers’ management issues by offering business solutions that converge our advanced computing and networking technologies, and thereby serve as a business partner that evolves along side our customers.

No.1 (Winter, 2004) Special Issue: Advanced Technologies Driving "Dynamic Collaboration" - Featuring System Technologies