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Sharing hopes that transcend time, space, and generational boundaries [Communication]

Sharing hopes that transcend time, space, and generational boundaries

Rapid globalization and ever more diverse societies have made mutual understanding essential. Meanwhile, communication methods continue to expand and evolve, including the introduction of virtual spaces, communication robots and the digitalization of the five senses. NEC is providing secure and intuitive communications infrastructure to connect people and things and share ideas across time, space, language and generations.

To accelerate DX, this special issue summarizes our DX efforts to date as best practices, and introduces our DX offerings that solve customers' DX issues quickly and high quality.

Selected articles

Vol.16 No.2 "Special Issue on DX Offerings to Accelerate the Digital Transformation of Society"

In this special issue, we introduce case studies showcasing the values produced by NEC Value Chain Innovation and discuss the digital technologies at the core of this process.

Selected articles

Vol.15 No.1 "Special Issue on NEC Value Chain Innovation"

This special issue introduces case studies demonstrating NEC’s ability to use AI to create social value; cutting-edge AI technologies contributing to the promotion of digital inclusion; and efforts in developing policies and expertise on artificial intelligence and human rights.

Selected articles

Vol.14 No.1 "Special Issue on AI and Social Value Creation"

This special issue introduces the biometric solutions NEC has developed and is developing, multimodal biometrics that combines a variety of different recognition technologies, and the cutting-edge technology that supports them.

Selected articles

Vol.13 No.2 "Special Issue on Social Value Creation Using Biometrics"