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Living harmoniously with the earth to secure the future [Environment]

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The world is at a turning point, facing global challenges such as growing demand for energy, food, water and other resources, the exacerbation of natural disasters by climate change, and ever more serious environmental issues. NEC will strive to preserve our precious planet, now and into the future, by visualizing the changes to the Earth and promoting the efficient and circular use of limited resources.

In this special issue, NEC takes a look at how DX is making an impact on social infrastructure. We also introduce our R & D in the infrastructure technology that can help shape the future.

Selected articles

Vol.16 No.1 "Special Issue on Social Infrastructure that Guarantees Safety, Security, Fairness, and Efficiency"

In this special issue, we introduce case studies showcasing the values produced by NEC Value Chain Innovation and discuss the digital technologies at the core of this process.

Selected articles

Vol.15 No.1 "Special Issue on NEC Value Chain Innovation"

This special issue introduces case studies demonstrating NEC’s ability to use AI to create social value; cutting-edge AI technologies contributing to the promotion of digital inclusion; and efforts in developing policies and expertise on artificial intelligence and human rights.

Selected articles

Vol.14 No.1 "Special Issue on AI and Social Value Creation"

In this special issue, we outline the new direction in which smart city initiatives are heading, the solutions that NEC is providing in Japan and around the world, and the city management technologies platform upon which NEC will bring solutions to fruition.

Selected articles

Vol.13 No.1 "Special Issue on Sustainable Data-driven City Management"