Bringing people together and filling each day with inspiration [Life]

Living harmoniously with the earth to secure the future

Around the world, people’s life needs are still going unmet. Some lack access to high-quality medical care and schooling, while others are looking for greater personal fulfilment in their lives. NEC will provide personalized services and experiences, from healthcare and education to leisure and recreation, and fill each day with inspiration.

To accelerate DX, this special issue summarizes our DX efforts to date as best practices, and introduces our DX offerings that solve customers' DX issues quickly and high quality.

Selected articles

Vol.16 No.2 "Special Issue on DX Offerings to Accelerate the Digital Transformation of Society"

In this special issue, NEC takes a look at how DX is making an impact on social infrastructure. We also introduce our R & D in the infrastructure technology that can help shape the future.

Selected articles

Vol.16 No.1 ”Special Issue on Social Infrastructure that Guarantees Safety, Security, Fairness, and Efficiency”