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Lifeline Infrastructure

Lifeline Infrastructure Building resilient infrastructures

NEC is supporting the stable operations of vital infrastructure and ensuring that they are resilient to environmental and social changes.

Building resilient infrastructure to ensure social and economic continuity

In this special issue, we will introduce our efforts to ensure cybersecurity and the solutions we have to offer to our customers, as well the cutting-edge technologies.

Selected articles

Vol.12 No.2 “Special Issue on Cybersecurity”

In this special issue, we will zoom in for a close-in look at the NEC the WISE IoT Platform and other IoT solutions, examining how they have been successfully implemented by a variety of different businesses in a variety of different situations.

Selected articles

Vol.12 No.1 “IoT That Supports Digital Businesses”

This special issue discusses NEC’s commitment to developing the advanced technology that we believe will provide the foundation for future FinTech innovation, as well as offering unprecedented social value.

Selected articles

Vol.11 No.2 "Special Issue on FinTech That Accelerates Digital Transformation"

This special issue introduces our activities in creating social value with NEC’s AI platforms, our vision for social solutions, and the broad range of AI technologies that support their realization.

Selected articles

Vol.11 No.1 “Special Issue on AI & Social Value Creation”

This special issue will introduce the reader to our solutions, services and technology that are paving the way for the Smart Energy society – solutions for general users and enterprises as well as end-user solutions for the customers of energy industry and utility companies.

Selected articles

Vol.10 No.2 "Issue on NEC's Smart Energy Solutions Led by ICT"

An introduction to NEC's products and solutions designed to support public infrastructure such as government and municipal offices, administrative agencies, law enforcement, firefighting, medical institutions, and financial institutions.

Selected articles

Vol.9 No.1 "Special Issue on Solutions for Society - Creating a Safer and More Secure Society"

Few companies can provide all the IT and network technologies, terminal and device technologies, and the services based on them that are necessary to create a more affluent society. To achieve such a society, NEC integrates its advanced technologies, collaborates with the organizations concerned as well as with customers, and continues to move forward.

Selected articles

Vol.1 No.3 "Advanced Technologies and Solutions toward Ubiquitous Network Society"