Industry Eco-System

Industry Eco-System shaping industries to design the future

NEC is striving to shape industries for a better future, by creating innovative eco-systems that go beyond individual companies and sectors, and create new and necessary industrial connections.

Shaping industries to align with social issues and consumer needs

This special issue introduces the biometric solutions NEC has developed and is developing, multimodal biometrics that combines a variety of different recognition technologies, and the cutting-edge technology that supports them.

Selected articles

Vol.13 No.2 "Special Issue on Social Value Creation Using Biometrics"

This special issue introduces our activities in creating social value with NEC’s AI platforms, our vision for social solutions, and the broad range of AI technologies that support their realization.

Selected articles

Vol.11 No.1 “Special Issue on AI & Social Value Creation”

This special issue introduces the reader to concrete examples of how NEC is tackling this objective in each stage of the value chain, the solutions that deliver innovation, various case studies, and our ICT supporting NEC’s Value Chain Innovation.

Selected articles

Vol.10 No.1 "Special Issue on Enterprise Solutions to Support a Safe, Secure and Comfortable Life"