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As a Social Value Innovator, we announced in 2013 our management policies. These focused on Solutions for Society while putting an emphasis on Asia and promoting local leadership-oriented businesses there as well as on the construction of stable financial platforms. We also started laying the groundwork for Japan's "My Number" national identity system, which was slated to start in 2015. Introduced below are the ten most accessed articles during the period of December 2018 to June 2019.

WAN Connection Optimization Solution for Offices and Data Centers to Improve the WAN Utilization and Management

A lot of companies built own corporate networks. WAN connects these corporate networks between offices and data centers. The corporate network consists of a backbone network, computer network, Internet connection and telephony systems. Network traffic patterns of these networks have different characteristics (different peak/off-peak times), which have redundant bandwidths constantly somewhere in the corporate network. The corporate executives who expect to improve the cost efficiency of networks, especially decreasing the connection fee of communication lines, and improving flexibility for the WAN usages. Moreover flexible WAN usage such as use of datacenter services, ensuring BC/DR (business continuity/disaster recovery) and use of public cloud services are required to support.

This paper discusses our solutions to optimize WANs between offices and datacenters that allow our customers to solve the issues.

MIYAUCHI Mikio, NUMAZAKI Takeshi, OKU Yasuhiro, YAMASHITA Hidetaka, KOBAYASHI Daisuke
 (NEC Technical Journal, Vol.8, No.2 April 2014, Special Issue on SDN and Its Impact on Advanced ICT Systems)

A Co-creative Project "Vision 2030" for Tigre, Argentina

The C&C Innovation Initiative of NEC Central Research Laboratories interconnects our technologies with customer values, and then promotes the development of innovative technologies and the creation of business opportunities. In collaboration with the City of Tigre, Argentina, the C&C Innovation Initiative has created a vision for the city that outlines the social values to be provided for its citizens by the year 2030.

Development of iPASOLINK Series and Super-Multilevel Modulation Technology

To respond to the need to increase the capacity and efficiency of the mobile backhaul circuit of the PASOLINK series of microwave radio communications systems, NEC has developed a system applying 2048QAM super-multilevel modulation technology for the first time in the world and has released it as part of its menu of iPASOLINK series products.

This paper introduces the iPASOLINK system as well as the super-multilevel modulation and baseband technologies that make large-capacity communications possible.

Features of the Next-Generation Traffic Control System as Seen in an Introductory Example at the Shin-Tomei Expressway

Traffic control systems are designed to manage highway traffic conditions in an integrated manner in order to assure safe, smooth, and comfortable traffic flow. Their aim is to effectively provide the collection and processing of traffic information as well as achieving prompt and accurate information provision. This paper discusses features of the next-generation traffic control system that has been prepared by NEC for the Shin-Tomei Expressway.

Ultra-High-Capacity Wireless Transmission Technology Achieving 10 Gbps Transmission

Demand for higher-capacity wireless mobile backhaul has been increasing in recent years, making the achievement of 10 Gbps transmission a significant target. Microwaves have conventionally been used in this field; however, microwaves have reached the limit of capacity expansion and a broader bandwidth is needed to achieve increased capacity. Therefore, there is an increasing expectation for millimeter wave, especially E-band, which can ensure broadband speed. This paper introduces LOS-MIMO as a component technology for a 10 Gbps transmission system in E-band currently under development, as well as NEC's approach to an increase in wireless transmission capacity.

OpenFlow Controller Architecture for Large-Scale SDN Networks

When applying centralized network architecture such as OpenFlow to large-scale networks, the issue arises of how to ensure the scalability and reliability of the controller providing the network control functions. This paper proposes a new controller architecture that leverages design patterns widely used in client-server systems to perform network control. Moreover, by applying this architecture to an OpenFlow controller providing virtual layer 2 networks for data centers, it shows the feasibility of applying an OpenFlow controller to large-scale SDN networks.

Development of Easy-To-Use Self-Service Terminal UI for Filling Stations

In recent years there has been major growth in the number of Self-Service Terminals installed at filling stations. The "easy to understand, easy to use" aspect of these widespread terminals is important not only for the user but also from the vantage point of the filling station proprietor due to its key role in increasing sales and streamlining business efficiency. For this reason, we have developed a new UI (User Interface) that gives top priority to user-friendliness while addressing the needs of business proprietors and station attendants, drawing upon the expertise of HCD (Human-Centered Design) specialists including workflow analysis, verification and evaluation.

(NEC Technical Journal, Vol.8, No.3 July 2014, Special Issue on Social Value Design - Contributing to Social Value Innovations)

Development of the iPASOLINK, All Outdoor Radio (AOR) Device

Accompanied by the recent expansion of mobile base station networks (LTE and small cell,) the trend towards larger capacities is typically affecting the backhaul network. In addition to using conventional radio transmission devices configured with IDU (indoor unit: baseband section + radio modulator/demodulator section) and ODU (outdoor unit: radio transmitter/receiver section), we have now developed an All Outdoor Radio (AOR). This device integrates the IDU/ODU functions via the utilization of a high-frequency radio bandwidth suited to larger capacities. It thereby enables the wireless backhaul construction of mobile base station networks that can be easily achieved while simultaneously increasing their capacities. This paper introduces NEC's AOR device lineup as well as the various technologies of the iPASOLINK SX (60-GHz band)/EX (70 to 80-GHz band), those use a high-frequency radio bandwidth, and also discusses our intensions regarding further developments.

Remote Summary Transcription System for the Hearing Impaired

When a hearing impaired student attends class, one of the measures used to communicate to the student what the teacher is saying is a technique called summary transcription. Summary transcription is a task in which a summary scribe sits next to a student with a hearing impairment and writes down a summary of what the teacher says or enters it in a PC and shows it to the student. However, it is often the case that there are few competent people available to perform summary transcription satisfactorily, leaving the students unable to receive this support. At NEC System Technologies, R&D of a remote summary transcription system is underway that aims to achieve a solution capable of presenting opportunities for more students with hearing impairment issues to receive summary transcription support and for people with summary transcription skills who are unable attend class to act as remote summary scribes.

Underwater Surveillance System to Counteract Associated Underwater Threats

In order to contribute to creating a safe and secure society by focusing on the field of public safety, NEC Radio Application Division proposes a recently developed underwater surveillance system capable of inspecting suspicious underwater intrusions that are generally considered to be hard to assess. Acts of terror that target public transportation services and installations are occurring continually worldwide. These threats adopt ingenious technical innovations and exploit changing situations, the tactics adopted are flexible and varied. Our recently developed underwater surveillance system is described below. It manifests high stability, reliability and may be adopted flexibly for use in underwater environments. This paper introduces solutions that may suitably support it and to discuss the results of actual testing in the marine environment.

NAKANO Masaki, SHIBA Hiroshi, MURAMATSU Jun, MIHARA Kenji, KOBAYASHI Minoru, YAGI Masahiro
(NEC Technical Journal, Vol.8, No.1 September 2013, Special Issue on Solving Social Issues Through Business Activities)