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NEC believes that hiring employees of various backgrounds under the principle of equal employment opportunities enables the organization to take on challenges and grow by receiving new input, and that this can lead to new ideas and generate innovation.
For this reason, it is important to create a culture in which employees can understand, respect, and empathize with diverse values and perspectives.
NEC is transforming its organization structure and culture into one that transforms individual differences into strengths, responds with agility to change, and continues to compete strongly and win.

Ratio of female managers 9.6%
Ratio of employees with disabilities 2.39%
  • *1
    As of March 31, 2022
  • *2
    For NEC Corporation on a standalone basis, Under the Act on for Promotion of Employment of Persons with Disabilities as of June 1, 2022

Recognizing that people are its greatest resource, NEC believes it is important to develop highly specialized professionals who can deliver true value to customers. Based on the NEC Way, we are working to develop human resources and an organizational culture that are able to continuously create value for society, constantly acting from a customer-oriented perspective with a high sense of ethical value and a deep understanding of the essential issues faced by customers and society.

To realize “the growth of the Company” and “personal growth and happiness” under our Human Resources (HR) Policy, NEC develops and fairly evaluates human resources, who play such an active and important role in our growth. We also promote the creation of productive, comfortable working environments.
We also work to create an environment where employees can work with ease and comfort and thereby display a high level of performance.

Ratio of male and female hires Male 72.9% Female 27.1%
Ratio of employees returning after childcare leave 99.0%
  • *3
    For NEC Corporation on a standalone basis, Actual results for fiscal 2022
  • *4
    For NEC Corporation on a standalone basis, Ratio of employees returning to work who started childcare leave in fiscal 2020

NEC Corporation has established a basic philosophy as part of its “Companywide Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S) Policy Action Guidelines” stating that “NEC should maintain and enhance a comfortable and supportive workplace to ensure the health and safety of all who work at its business sites.” We offer various programs for safety and health focusing on preventive management.

In addition to facilitating compliance with relevant laws and regulations around the globe, the Companywide principles will guide our employees to recognize respect for human rights as the highest priority in each and every stage of our business operations in relation to AI utilization and enable them to take action accordingly.

The NEC Group Code of Conduct stipulates respect for human rights and privacy and the management of personal information, and NEC has positioned Provision and Utilization of AI with Respect for Human Rights (AI and Human Rights),” including personal information protection initiatives, as a priority anagement theme from an ESG perspective—materiality. From this perspective, we are tackling prevention of any privacy-related issues stemming from the handling of personal information in addition to undertaking other personal information protection measures.

We have set up the Quality and Safety Action Policy, and we are conducting activities such as complying with quality and safety laws and regulations, improving safe, reliable technologies, standardizing key components, sharing expertise, and taking steps to prevent defects and recurring issues.
We hope that all our employees will be confident in NEC’s quality policy by continuing to raise the quality of their own work, the products they create, and the services they provide. Also we hope to see “NEC Quality” become the preferred and trusted choice of our customers.

In keeping with the spirit of “Better Products, Better Services” embedded in our Principles, in 1992 NEC formulated its “Customer Satisfaction Management (CSM) concept.” The CSM concept consists of “Significance,” “Activity System,” “Goal,” and “CS Action Plan.”

Guided by this concept, each member of NEC, from directors to employees, acts as a good corporate citizen by carrying out “NEC Make-a-Difference Drive” corporate citizenship activities aimed at solving social issues over the medium to long term.
Through these activities, we work with local communities, NPOs and NGOs, local governments, universities, etc., to promote three universal themes: “Personnel Development,” “Environmental Preservation,” and “Regional Contribution Activities and Disaster Aid.” NEC recognizes sustainable local communities are what enables business activities to be carried out in those communities.

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