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CS (Customer Satisfaction) Initiatives


In keeping with the spirit of “Better Products, Better Services” embedded in our Principles, in 1992 NEC formulated its “Customer Satisfaction Management (CSM) concept.” The CSM concept consists of “Significance,” “Activity System,” “Goal,” and “CS Action Plan.”

In our advertising and PR activities, we observe laws and regulations and have prepared various guidelines, such as the “NEC Visual Identity Guidelines,” the “NEC Group Advertising Activity Guidelines,” and the “NEC Group Website Guidelines,” detailing caution points for design, accessibility, and production. We are also making an effort to employ fair and appropriate language and expressions; in fact, we began disseminating our “Social Media Policy” outside the Company well before the spread of social media. If there is a violation or potential violation in our advertising and PR activities, we deal with it appropriately according to the guidance of the relevant government agency. In fiscal 2022, there were no incidents of non-compliance concerning marketing communications.

Implementation Framework

NEC continuously seeks customer feedback from various points of contact and promptly reflects it in business management. As part of these efforts, we currently conduct a biannual CS survey, the NEC Group Customer Questionnaire.

The results of this survey together with the details of market surveys are reported to the president and other members of the senior management team. Furthermore, we share the findings with specific businesses operating in related fields and proceed through PDCA cycles aimed at improving CS. Furthermore, the CS Promotion Division at each Group company shares information with one another on a regular basis in an effort to improve activities across the entire Group.

To facilitate communication with customers, various types of contact desks have been provided for individual and corporate customers and for each type of product. Through these, we consult with customers and listen to their feedback and requests. Moreover, the NEC Customer Communication Center (“CCC”) has been established as a general contact desk in Japan to provide consultation on NEC products, systems, and services.

We also provide an inquiry form on the NEC global website to enable customers abroad to consult with us by email.

Measures and Main Fiscal 2022 Activities

Advancing Activities Based on Customer Feedback

In fiscal 2022, we conducted the NEC Group Customer Questionnaire, a biannual CS survey. Drawing from the results, we made use of causal analysis, one of NEC’s AI services, to identify issues in a move to meet the expectations of customers. The results of the AI-driven analysis were shared with related divisions, and measures to resolve these issues were put into effect. As for specific measures, we built a system that would facilitate the effective use of knowledge to boost our ability to generate proposals and speed up response time. Other efforts included sharing examples of best practices in order to encourage collaboration between Group companies.

Remaining the First Choice of Customers

To create lasting relationships with our existing customers, we asked customers in all of our business areas how they perceive their relationship with NEC as part of the fiscal 2022 NEC Group Customer Questionnaire.

In addition, we conducted an analysis looking at the relationship between the results of the Employee Brand Survey and the results of the NEC Group Customer Questionnaire. This analysis confirmed a positive relationship between divisions that scored high on “understanding and empathy with the NEC Purpose” and “brand engagement” and that received a high satisfaction rating from their customers. In light of this relationship, we implemented initiatives to raise employee awareness.