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Cooperation with Local Communities


Within its statement of Purpose, NEC has committed itself to creation of the social values of safety, security, fairness and efficiency to promote a more sustainable world where everyone has the chance to reach their full potential.

Guided by this concept, each member of NEC, from directors to employees, acts as a good corporate citizen by carrying out “NEC Make-a-Difference Drive” corporate citizenship activities aimed at resolving social issues over the medium to long term.

Through these activities, we work with local communities, NPOs and NGOs, local governments, universities, among other entities, to promote “Life,” “Society,” and the “Environment,” the three layers of our vision for an ideal society, laid out in the NEC 2030VISION. NEC recognizes sustainable local communities are what enables business activities to be carried out in those communities. As members of communities, we want to support them in achieving the necessary solutions.

This thinking is also connected to “coexistence with local communities” in the NEC Group Code of Conduct. In addition, NEC has positioned the NEC Make-a-Difference Drive as a key plank in its efforts to promote diverse human resource development and cultural transformation, which is one of the Company’s priority management themes from an ESG perspective—materiality. Through the NEC Make-a-Difference Drive, officers and employees engage in dialogue and cocreation with various stakeholders, such as local communities and the social sector. This provides them with situations and opportunities to experience social issues that merit NEC’s attention as a Social Value Innovator.

NEC Make-a-Difference Drive logo

We believe that through these situations and opportunities, employees acquire a mindset for volunteerism and cocreation, enabling them as highly socially literate personnel to sensitively grasp the true nature of issues facing customers and society so that they can create businesses inspired by social issues.

The social contribution programs and collaborating NPOs under the NEC Make-a-Difference Drive are selected based on the following policies and guidelines.

Furthermore, we have established an evaluation system for social contribution programs, and we regularly confirm their social impact and promote program improvements and revisions.

Implementation Framework

NEC’s corporate citizen activities are conducted under three main implementation frameworks:

  • Social contribution programs planned and executed under the initiative of the Internal Excitement Group of the NEC Corporate Communications Department and the department in charge of promoting corporate citizenship activities of each NEC Group company;
  • Activities for contributing to local communities planned and participated in by NEC Group employees around the world;
  • Various grants by foundations

Corporate Citizenship Activities

In fiscal 2022, total corporate citizenship activity expenses for the NEC Group were approximately 444 million yen. We promoted activities in a variety of fields, including “Academia, Research, and Education” and “Arts, Culture, and Sports.” Corporate citizenship activity expenses included the following: 1) financial assistance, 2) charitable donations of products quoted on a unit price basis, and 3) public use of NEC facilities (converted into monetary amounts based on the unit price of using equivalent external facilities to quantify the cost of using NEC facilities for socially beneficial purposes).

Fiscal 2022 Activity Expenses Breakdown

  • Note:
    The fields of activity used in the above expenses breakdown correspond to the fields of activity used in surveys of social contribution activities conducted by the Japan Business Federation.

Measures and Main Fiscal 2022 Activities

Humanitarian Aid for Ukraine

a letter of appreciation from the World Food Programme

The NEC Group has donated 500,000 euros (approx. 65 million yen) to the World Food Programme (WFP) in light of the dire situation in Ukraine. This donation will be used to provide humanitarian aid to those affected in Ukraine and the surrounding areas. In response to NEC’s donation, the top advisors of the WFP Parliamentary League visited the NEC headquarters on May 16, 2022 and offered a letter of appreciation. In addition, employees at NEC Group companies worldwide made donations to the WFP, the Red Cross, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), and UNICEF using the Group’s “cafeteria points” system and other methods.

NEC Social Entrepreneurship School

In fiscal 2003, we began the NEC Social Entrepreneurship School, a project for nurturing young social entrepreneurs that we launched in cooperation with the NPO ETIC. By fiscal 2021, 66 groups had graduated from the school. The project has been called a gateway for the success of social innovators because of the large number of celebrated young social innovators that it has produced.

In January 2022, the NEC Social Entrepreneurship School invited young social entrepreneurs (alumni and current participants) to take part in a special program, involving a dialogue with NEC employees and social entrepreneurs. The program aims to help employees to identify various social issues and learn more deeply about the spirit of social entrepreneurship by speaking directly with active entrepreneurs who are leading social innovation. Two hundred employees who are either currently engaged in solving social issues or intending to tackling them, participated in the program.

Four social entrepreneurs explained global social issues that they are tackling before discussing the potential for using ICT to resolving them. We continued examining the use of ICT after the dialogues.

NEC Pro Bono Initiative

In fiscal 2011, NEC introduced the NEC Pro Bono Initiative, a program that helps NPOs and social entrepreneurs address their target issues with assistance from the professional skills of NEC employees. In doing so, NEC became the first Japanese company to start pro bono activities. Under this initiative NEC began collaboration with Kawasaki City in fiscal 2021, and subsequent collaborations below.

Collaboration with Kakogawa City NEC and Kakogawa City signed a comprehensive collaborative agreement to promote the creation of a smart city through digital technology and co-creation. Part of this agreement involves using pro bono activities to solve issues in the region.
  • A team of 35 employee volunteers from the NEC Pro Bono Club took part in a course held at Kakogawa Higashi High School. As part of the course, aimed at thinking about and making proposals on the design of the city, high school students shared issues and solutions with the volunteers.
  • The volunteers, many of whom participated online from locations across Japan, offered feedback on how to improve these issues from a corporate perspective and shared corrective measures and methods. From there, the volunteers and the students worked together on practical co-creation activities for approximately two months.
  • In February 2022, their research findings were presented at an event held at the Kakogawa City Hall, attended by the mayor and both city and local officials. One participant remarked, “These are terrific proposals that can be started on right away, and I would like to keep working to make these ideas a reality.”
Collaboration with JANPIA*1
  • A team of 11 employees belonging to the NEC Pro Bono Club participated in an activity that supports the Japan Independence Preparation Home Council.*2
  • The NEC employee team provided support for online distribution, video editing, and in other areas for a workshop held by the council in October 2021.
  • Provided support for keynote speech and symposium held in March 2022 to commemorate the establishment of the Japan Independence Preparation Home Council
  • In response to this assistance, we received the following message from the council: “Our keynote speech, symposium, and workshop would not have been possible without the support of NEC employees. Their assistance has not only helped prevent recidivism and increased the range of our preventive efforts, it allowed those who could not be present in person to take part in our inaugural event, and for that we are truly thankful. This support will stay with us as we go forward.”
  • *1
    Japan Network for Public Interest Activities (JANPIA), a Designated Utilization Organization for the utilization of funds from dormant accounts
  • *2
    “Independence preparation homes” are facilities that help people who have left prisons or juvenile detention centers get back on their feet. These homes are operated by over 400 NPOs and other business operators across Japan, and in March 2022, the Japan Independence Preparation Home Council was established as a nationwide organization. Upon its establishment, the council held a commemorative keynote speech and symposium.

NEC Future Creation Program

In line with the revision of high school curriculum guidelines from fiscal 2023, NEC has developed the NEC Future Creation Program in collaboration with the educational consulting company Careerlink Co., Ltd. This education program, aimed at high school students, draws upon the SDGs as themes to learn about creating an ideal future. Trials of the program have been conducted in two high schools in Tokyo, with a total of 18 employees participating online.

In this program, students will take advantage of analysis tools and video content that introduces cases of NEC’s contributions to the SDGs while thinking about their own ideal image of the future and coming up with solutions for social issues. Employees will also help these students refine their ideas through dialogue.

In fiscal 2023, we will develop this program further and aim to start full-scale operation.

Initiatives in Local Communities Worldwide

NEC leverages its corporate citizen activities to promote inclusion and diversity worldwide and within local communities and to solve local issues.

Initiatives in Japan

Wheelchair tennis
  • NEC has supported wheelchair tennis since 1991, spanning a period of over 30 years.
  • NEC employees participate in volunteer activities, such as by serving as linespersons at national competitions.
NGO-related initiatives
  • NEC has implemented e-Net Caravan, which offers awareness-raising activities and guidance for elementary school students (third and fourth grade) through to high school students as well as guardians and educational professionals to teach them how to use the internet safely and securely. This initiative is meant to address the rights of children set out in the Children’s Rights and Business Principles developed by Save the Children (NGO), the UN Global Compact, and UNICEF.
  • Nationwide, 300 of our employees currently participate in this initiative as certified instructors.

In December 2021, NEC Corporation India Private Limited received the CSR Leadership Award in recognition of a series of humanitarian initiatives.

NEC Corporation India’s Initiatives

“Gift the Warmth Drive”
  • In fiscal 2022, NEC Corporation India distributed 1,100 thermos bottles to senior citizens living in harsh circumstances due to COVID-19 at the satellite center of the Kanti Devi Dental College & Hospital in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh, India.
Radhakund Ashram
  • Since 2015, through the local community NEC Corporation India has been contributing to the health of the women at a residential facility for widows, called Radhakund Ashram, by distributing nutritious food such as fruit and milk.
  • The subsidiary also conducts health checkups twice a week.
NGO Krish
  • In cooperation with the NGO Krish, the subsidiary supports the education of underprivileged girls at two rural schools so that they can acquire the knowledge, skills, and self-confidence that will help them avoid economic and social insecurity.
  • The subsidiary is also working on efforts to protect the environment, create jobs and provide digital infrastructure in rural areas, and promote digitalization in these areas through digital literacy.

NEC Corporation of America’s Initiatives

Collaboration with NPO Catch Up & Read
  • NEC Corporation of America has been a partner of Herbert Marcus Elementary School in Dallas, Texas for the past six years and has developed an instructional program from first to third grade in collaboration with educational NPO Catch Up & Read.
  • Many children who attend Herbert Marcus Elementary School come from families suffering from economic hardships or have difficult situations academically, but thanks to the school’s six-year program, it has become highly recognized as a breakthrough campus.
  • NEC Corporation of America participates in the leadership program at Herbert Marcus Elementary School, where children learn to be leaders by engaging with collaborators from various regions.